How to Feed Your Sun

Tips for boosting your energy based on your Sun Sign

Rachael Middleton
Oct 20, 2016 · 11 min read
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There is a reason why Sun Sign astrology is so popular; even though it only addresses part of the picture astrologically, it sheds a major light because it is after all, the Sun.

The Sun represents many things in astrology including your vital energy, what some people call prana, or your life force. It is your core energy, your center, the thing that everything else revolves around. The Sun has a lot to do with your ego or identity, some astrologers say it describes your soul. It’s a key factor when addressing questions of health and wellness in the chart and can be a great first place to begin if you are feeling like you need an energetic boost.

My mother (who is a life long student of astrology) always reminds me that I can’t forget to feed my Sun. She’s not talking about making sure my 11 year old Gus has dinner. She means to make sure that I am doing the things I know vitalize my core energy. To know what vitalizes you is a great piece of self-knowledge. To be able to tailor your advice and assistance to others in need based on what will most help and suit them is also a great benefit of using astrology.

Sometimes the cause for our low energy or devitalization comes from overwork or under rest, sometimes it’s an effect of the regular business and stress of our lives. Other times there is an energetic leak (or two or three) we are unaware of but is causing us to feel drained (it could be an unresolved or unaddressed emotional issue or thought form).

The reason why vital energy is so important is because it is essential to our lives. Without it, our physical health fails, our interest in the world withdraws and our will to live diminishes. Vital energy is not the same thing as physical energy, you can be physically exhausted (like let’s say you just ran a marathon) but vitalized — feel alive.

Even if you don’t know the cause, you can still address the problem of devitalization through activating and nurturing the energy of your Sun sign. Specific suggestions for how to feed each Sun sign are given below. It is not an exhaustive list and I encourage you to think about what special things you would do specifically to nurture your own core energy. **Key clue — when you do those things, you feel really good, like “Wow, I forgot how good that feels. Why don’t I do that more often”?

HOW TO FEED YOUR SUN if you are:


Aries is a Cardinal Fire Sign and the first one of the zodiac. When an Aries is feeling down they need to do something new — brand new. Things can shift abruptly for Aries (all Cardinal signs) and sometimes that suits them best. A fresh start or new challenge can help to activate an Aries Sun. Aries is competitive and thrives on winning. Even a small win can boost an Aries who is down. Getting moving and physical activity is good for Aries. They also like to do things by themselves, if they can get some alone time they should use it to do what they want, even if it’s totally selfish, Aries is the sign of the SELF. Singularity is another key Aries point. Choosing one thing to focus on is helpful for the cardinal energy of Aries. Single pointed focus is a gift.


Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign and they are very physically grounded, in their bodies and also on the Earth. They are often hard workers (or else lazy) and tend to alternating extremes of work and rest. They are very pleasure loving and can treat themselves with retail therapy, a massage (they love body work), or a gourmet food. They like to feel good physically. They can also be vitalized by getting grounded in the natural world, either through gardening or just enjoying a beautiful day being outside.

Taurus must also remember to rest; taking a nap or a day off can help a Taurus who is burning the candle at both ends. Taurus likes to know what they have in the bank, and can feel secure by getting control of their finances. Even if that means filing for bankruptcy or credit counseling (Taurus may deal with debt at some point) confronting areas of weakness is the only way to build strength. Taurus rules the voice, and if a Taurus has strep throat or loses their voice it’s a sign to rest and curl up with a comfortable blanket, drink their favorite warm beverage and have someone give them a good rub.


Gemini is a Mutable Air Sign and they are very mental and thought based. If a Gemini is bored or in a mentally un-stimulating environment too long it’s stifling. They need to make connections (socially and intellectually) if they want to feel on. When a Gemini is down, they should call a good friend, someone they like to talk to — talk is a Gemini thing. Sometimes they also like to smoke. Research and reading up on a subject can alleviate fears if Gemini is obsessing or can’t stop thinking about something. Communication is a great tool of Gemini’s. They really should talk about what’s bothering them with someone they can trust (not to take things personally) like a friend. It’s important for them to be able to be able to get above the emotionality of a subject and think about it objectively. They are the most light (as in opposite of heavy) sign and like to keep it light. Getting some fresh air or even putting their face in front of an oscillating fan can help them feel like they are breezing off.


Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign that is known for being emotional and even moody. It’s a sign that is associated with nurturing, like the kind we get from our mothers as infants. When a Cancer is feeling down, they can nurture themselves, but it’s better if they can be taken care of by someone who loves them. If no one is around, that’s ok too; Cancer is one of the signs that can benefit from some alone time periodically.

I am a Cancer Sun and my own moodiness and emotional sensitivity is well known amongst my inner circle — that’s another key Cancer thing, their tribe or inner circle is very important to them, whoever they consider their real core family can help them remember what they are here for. But Cancer will periodically retreat inside the crab shell in order to process and wait out the tempest. One of the worst things you can do is force a Cancer out of their shell when they aren’t ready — things could get snappy or worse. Cancer (all water signs really) also benefits from coming into contact with water. A shower can help a Cancer wash off a mood and start to change directions. Cancer rules comfort and food — so yes! to comfort foods.


Leo is the Fixed Fire Sign ruled by the Sun, and Leo’s do feel better if they get a little sunshine. They also need to feel warmth emotionally and in their environment. A Leo can be boosted by the love and adoration of another; even a genuine complement from a stranger can be helpful. They are generous and loving by nature, but if a Leo is feeling dissed or miffed they can act like a wounded animal. If they are pissed or their pride is hurt, you won’t see them, they only like to show their best face, so go ahead and stay home and pout it out Leo if you are too upset to go out. They love having fun, are energized by children and playful energy and are also known for being romantic and dramatic. Sometimes a Leo will feed their sun by creating a melodrama with them at the center. This can get old for people in the audience, but if you really need it, go ahead. If you ever need to boost a Leo, a round of applause will do the trick.


Virgo is the mutable Earth sign of the zodiac, which is associated with personal growth and the fully actualized self. If a Virgo is feeling like she needs order and understanding in her life, she should make a list (or several lists). All the Earth signs are fed by real things, tangible, physical things. With Virgo, it’s the little things that count the most. The details of life and the micro focus is Virgo’s strong suit. Journaling is also VERY useful for Virgo. Virgo wants to feel meaningful and useful and will more readily give service to others than the other signs. They are naturally humble and love work and service. They should not forget that they are the only ones who can do the work on themselves, and even 15 minutes of meditation, yoga or some form of self help would do them a world of good. Helping them with their chores (if you do as good a job as they would) makes them feel better when they are down. Don’t let the dishes pile up and the house fall down all around just because they collapsed from overwork for a day. C’mon. Help out.


Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign that rules partnership. Libra usually needs someone else to talk to or fight with or bounce things off if they are having trouble. They are very social. They can’t live in isolation very happily for long. Even if the contact is short and superficial, they like to be with people and in relationships. When a Libra is alone, they can get antsy. They like beauty, and can be inspired and moved by art or natural beauty or even just the joy of being in the world. They want to focus on the sunny side of the street and can get bogged down if the vibe is negative for too long. They appreciate symmetry and like things to look and be nice. Libra is the sign of balance, and balancing mediations or exercises can be especially helpful to Libra.

One of my favorite balancing mediations I do is a polarity meditation, where on the inhalation, I allow myself to fully feel an emotion (lets say it’s impatience), then, on the exhalation, I fully feel the polar opposite of that emotion (in this case, patience). I actually do this in the car line at my son’s school quite often and it’s helpful.


Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign and its fuel is emotional intensity, especially that of shared experience. Scorpio is one sign that actually gets off on fear and is one of the most daring signs. The little guard gate most people have from preventing them from going too far is permanently up for Scorpio and they like it like that. There is no such thing as too far. Scorpio loves to test themselves and others close to them. It’s ok I guess, but remember that the shared energetic connections you have with your partners and lovers is a key factor to your own vitality. You are more aware than most of the subtle energetic factors at play in relationships. Sometimes Scorpio needs to chill, and taking a bath or having a cold drink can help. Fixed water is literally ice. How it feels to hold an ice cube in your hand is how Scorpio likes to feel things. Overwhelmingly and sharply at the same time. Scorpio is also predisposed to the control mechanism (versus acceptance), so meditation practices like controlled breathing could be great.


Sagittarius is mutable Fire and is the most sensitive of all the Fire Signs. Physical activity can be helpful to all fire signs, sports are a Sag area. But traveling, learning/teaching, and philosophizing are all ways Sag likes to exercise their energy. Sag needs to feel free, in their minds and in motion. If a Sag can go on an adventure or side trip it can help them get a new attitude, and the attitude of a Sag is what is most important. They are naturally optimistic and they thrive around positive influences and people. They are not someone to motivate with harsh criticisms — they hate that and frankly don’t need it. They are honest and wise and usually have a good sense of what they want and need, they just need the freedom and space to be able to follow it. Sag is one of the most expansive signs, so if a Sag Sun feels low, they should expand their horizons, they won’t feel low for long if they get out of themselves and into the world, which they love, and loves them.


Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth Sign and Saturn rules it. Capricorn is a great boss and big administrator. If they are not doing something publicly or professionally, they may feel like something is missing. They need to be the boss somewhere. They like money, for the security and luxury it affords them. They also have a sense of responsibility and respect for authority (their own if not others also) and want to be respected. They are willing to work hard and do without for a time, they respect hard work and making large contributions to the world. If a Capricorn is feeling low, they need to think about the grand scheme and big picture and take a look at their long term goals list -haven’t written it down? Do. Earth signs need physical manifestation. A lot of their goals are long term, and the second half of Capricorn’s life (or work, project, whatever) is always better than the early days. Capricorn needs a little encouragement every now and then (not over encouragement, they hate the type of super sweet adoration that Leo lights up for) but sticking to the most essential real basics can help a Cap in crisis sort out the weight of the world he feels is on his shoulders. It isn’t, not really, and what’s real is what matters — remember? Don’t get too down in the dumps with negativity, remember there is someone who has it way worse than you, poor bastard. Discipline yourself, you’re Saturn ruled remember?


Aquarius is the fixed Air sign known for its eccentric and revolutionary ways. As an air sign, social relationships and contacts are important, but more than with a single person, in this case group involvement can vitalize Aquarius. Even if that group is humanity as a whole, and the “involvement” doesn’t really extend beyond an intellectual conceit. Aquarius is a sign based in the mind but is usually thinking about the collective. They love clubs, conferences, forums, places where people of like mind get together and share ideas (even and especially online). Aquarius likes to be with people they respect mentally and shares similar world views, but they also like to be the weirdo or black sheep. Provocation is an Aquarius/Leo thing. They can get off on rocking the boat (especially socially) and would like to feel like a leader (of a band of rebels preferably). To feed an Aquarius Sun get out of your small self and full on into you societal self. Go influence some people, and if they hate you or love you it doesn’t matter — you don’t care, Right?


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Mutable Water. Escapism is something Pisces is prone to and should allow themselves to do (as it is unavoidable). The ways they can choose to Neptune out are many: drugs, alcohol, pot, sleep, TV, movies, sugar, unconditional love, mediation, devotion, and spirituality. They could also get a lot out of walking on the beach — these are the ones that say long walks on the beach is what they like to do. Running water (naturally running even better) makes them feel less out of control (which they are). Pisces tends towards the acceptance side of the control matrix, so as soon as possible, let that shit go. Music, dance and foot rubs are also good.

Whatever your Sun Sign is, may the light of vitality shine on you, today and every day!


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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