How to Schedule Guilt-Free Time Off

Know the 12 best times to take a break each month

Rachael Middleton
Oct 3, 2019 · 3 min read
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When you read about productivity and time management, you don’t often hear about the importance of scheduling in regular time off. The temptation when we are planning our schedule to want to maximize every moment is a cause for chronic over scheduling, which leads to burnout and/or poor success rate when executing your agenda.

It is possible to use astrology, and the simple observation of the lunar cycle, to predict not only the best times for action (which we will cover in another article) but to RULE OUT the worst times for initiating important activities.

What many Type A personalities who are interested in time management may fail to realize is that not every moment is created equally, nor is every moment suited for productivity.

Regularly scheduled off times are vital for overall productivity, and even more important is to take the right times off when your FOMO should be less of an issue, such as during the Void Moon, when nothing will come of anything you attempt anyway. Avoiding scheduling on the Void Moon also saves huge amounts of wasted resources in more than just time, but money and energy that are squandered because of poor timing.

There are two distinct parts to masterful time management. There is the management of your own agenda and focusing your individual time and efforts according to your will AND then there is the intermeshing of this first part (YOUR agenda) into the greater flow of the universe (this includes everyone else and their agendas — the X factor astrology has insight on).

If you take notice of the greater cycles that are in effect — in this case, the lunar cycle, you can be more effective at aligning your agenda with the flow of time. There are many windows of time where regardless of how well planned your action is, it is a NO GO time universally. It’s fine if you don’t believe me, but there is a good deal of evidence to support the Void Moon phenomenon as being counter productive to business.

When I begin my monthly or weekly plan, the first thing I take note of is the astrological “off times” in the lunar cycle. This is the period of time when the Moon goes Void-of-Course. This is something that happens 12 times a month, once every two and a half days for various lengths of time (sometimes it can last for less than an hour, and other times the better part of the day). You can consult an astrological calendar like Lunarium to find out when exactly the Moon is Void. For a personalized planner that marks all the void periods, check out the Honeycomb Collective and their amazing astrological calendars and almanacs.

What is the Void Moon good for?

It is a great time to schedule in a break from your attempts at making connections or being socially available. Go offline and don’t worry that in doing so you will have missed something crucial. The Void Moon is an off time for everyone, so it is not a time where you should be worried your competitors will be gaining an advantage over you. They may in fact be wasting their energies if they are unaware of this valuable piece of timing info.

The Void Moon is a good time to tie up loose ends, and to do things that are in your control and don’t require collaboration. On a plus side, it is a time where you are less likely to be interrupted, so it can be a good time to get some time alone. The main thing not favored in a Void is initiatives, beginnings and connections.

Using astrological timing comes at planning from a unique angle, but if you are open minded in receiving this information, you will be quickly be able to observe the usefulness for yourself one way or another. Astrology is an observational practice, and what astrologers are practiced at observing is the cycles of time.


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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