Imagining the Ideal is the Beginning

New Moon at Libra 6, Saturday, September 28, 2019

Rachael Middleton
Sep 28, 2019 · 3 min read
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Chart for the New Moon in Libra, September 28, 2019, 2:26 PM, Miami, FL

Libra is a sign that is associated with ideals. The scales are unique as being the only inanimate object to represent one of the signs. Ideals are hard to replicate in physical reality(a realm of Earth), but they inspire (AIR) our imagination to create. Ideals are the prompt, not the actual story.

From Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

Sabian Symbol for Libra 6 — The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized. This is a symbol of experience as the practical or everyday substantiation of inner insight and conscious understanding. Idealistic reality is found to be sheer escapism if ever taken by itself or given any authority on its own account, but is the sole dynamic for the human spirit whenever any individual actually stands face to face with his opportunity. Implicit here is the realization that man’s being has its beginning in the meanings with which it is endowed. The keyword is PERSONIFICATION. When positive, the degree is power through the full employment of the imagination for the discovery and development of human potentiality, and when negative, self defeat through inadequate expectation and superficial allegiances. (Jones, pg. 155)

Today’s New Moon at six degrees of Libra is inviting us to imagine our ideal reality, an appropriate activity for any New Moon, but this month’s energy is especially suited to creatively visualizing the best version of our lives.

In an ideal world, you would be….. how you finish that sentence is important. Even if you answered quickly without thinking initially, you can absolutely give that idea some more careful thought because it may be motivating you more than you realize.

Since the ideal is often very different from what is, there is an opportunity for disappointment if we are too attached to the motivation (the ideal) over what manifests (reality). Let’s not forget, it is the creative tension that produces the ideal’s results, which is almost always what we actually need in the end, if not what we think we really wanted in the first place.

The ruler of the New Moon is Venus, also in Libra, a sign where she is ultra powerful. This adds an extra vote of positive support to this month’s intentions. You will get the go head on endeavors that require collaboration more easily, especially early in the month of October.

If I were you, I wouldn’t wait around too long before I got moving on any important projects or major intentions you have for the rest of 2019. Before we know it, the year will be over, and with it whatever opportunities that are being offered to you presently. Let’s just say, things will be less than ideal for expansion in the near future.

We are in a current benefic window of time for expansion that will not last much longer. For all of 2019, we have had Jupiter in Sag, a lucky influence that will stay with us until Dec 3, 2019. That’s not a lot longer of a window to take advantage of Jupiter’s opportunities for growth, but it is still available and is currently doubly boosted by Venus, the lesser benefic, also being well placed by sign in Libra.

There is a real sweet spot of time now when our two good guy planets and the ones that are associated with benefits are in strong positions where they are happy. This period is going to last from now until Venus enters Scorpio on October 8th. If there ever was a lucky time to attempt making your ideals manifest, it’s now.

Good Luck!


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