January 2020 Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Get ready to get emotional

Rachael Middleton
Jan 10, 2020 · 2 min read
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A lunar eclipse is an extreme version of a full moon. This January, the lunar eclipse will be in the sign of Cancer, further upping the emotionality to the moody max. While this may sound terrible to many of us, it’s really not the worst thing or end of the world. In fact, the emotional power points that we experience are often the real motivating factors that shift our realities. We cannot avoid our emotional experience, so we might as well tune into it, and look at what it is showing us.

How do you really feel? This is something that people are usually not that open to being honest about or conscious of. Many times the way we feel is secondary (we think) to what we are thinking and doing, but it is actually inseparable and not at all arbitrary or unimportant.

During this eclipse you may feel that there are many forces outside of your control that are effecting you personally, and you may be right! The negative hyper-Cancerian response would be to get emotionally unhinged and hysterical in response. Perhaps snapping wildly before having to side step and retreat into one’s personal shell or sphere for a safe space to recover.

When Cancer is strong, it is often silent. It is accepting and understanding, loving and forgiving, nurturing and sustaining. It is emotionally present but not overbearing. Listening more than talking and empathizing over elucidating.

You can learn a lot about how you really feel today, if you are courageous enough to allow it. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to share your feelings with everyone else right away. A good thing to do when you are feeling very strongly emotional is to take full stock of your feelings with a trusted confidant or in a safe private space.

Cancer is about the personal and private sphere, and you may want to keep your feelings to yourself for a little while, not until they change, but until the change they are pointing you to is clear. It’s a great time to listen to your gut, but you may want to digest your feelings a bit before regurgitating them.

For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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