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Rachael Middleton
Sep 9 · 4 min read
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Week of Monday, September 9 — Friday, September 13, 2019

Monday is the Moon’s day, and with a void moon in Capricorn the majority of the day, the vibe is not nearly so high as we would like it to be. At the worst, there can be feelings of futility, a cynical or begrudging attitude toward what we must do, along with feelings of guilt for not being able to better manage our affairs.

It’s usually too late for regret. To dwell on failure with feelings of self reproach and damnation is rarely useful. What can you learn from where you feel presently lacking? What can you afford to let go of as an unrealistic expectation that no longer serves your best interests, and replace with a new guide for your ideal management. You are in charge. You can make anything work, but not with a shitty condemning attitude of ingratitude. Ease up a little on everyone, yourself included. Things get a lot better soon.

The Moon enters the sign of Aquarius in the evening (5:37 PM, Miami time) resetting our ability to make connections and initiate actions with favorable final results. If for some reason today’s plans and intentions fell out, think about trying again tomorrow (or even tonight).

The best days this week don’t happen until Thursday and Friday when the Moon enters Pisces early Thursday morning. There will be some of the best electional windows for the month on Thursday, September 12 and Friday, September 13, something to look forward to and plan to take advantage of.

Tuesday September 10th is a good day to get some work done toward whatever month long goals you have related to the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces. What if you haven’t decided on any goals or priorities for the month of September yet? Well, use today to choose at least one, but no more than three, doable goals, you would like to have manifest. With excellent electional windows coming up in a few days, do as much work as you can do in advance to prepare yourself to feel free to work on or launch your big thing on Thursday/Friday. Tomorrow’s energies are not very productive, so you may have a day off, or at least some down time. Put in some extra effort today making and checking off your to do list and you will be glad you did.

Wednesday September 11 the moon is void all day in Aquarius. What are void moons good for? Being alone and uninterrupted. It is not a good time to launch any important venture or communication (that’s on the docket for tomorrow and Friday though). Today is a day to tie up loose ends, get any distractions out of the way and clear the decks of any negativity holding you back (especially mentally or socially, as Aquarius is an air sign).

There is a danger today of wasting a lot of time on social media or the internet, if that’s the case, so be it, you won’t be the only one, but not much will come of it. Wasting your time is one thing, but be careful not to exhaust yourself emotionally and digitally as well. Use technology for your own benefit, not to the point of burnout. Better to take today off and be fresh for tomorrow, when the energy is much more upbeat and the opportunities are flowing.

Thursday morning the Moon enters Pisces before sunrise to begin a blessed Jupiter day with the Moon in Jupiter’s home sign of Sagittarius. There are not too many times opportunities like today’s energy will present again. We have been under the good electional weather of Jupiter in Sagittarius for the majority of 2019, but we are down to our last few months of the greater benefic’s placement in a sign where it is super powerful. If you need to rely on luck or generosity, a cosmic upswing, today is a good day to take a shot or throw your hat in the ring. Make your big move today or tomorrow.

Friday is the day of Venus and currently Venus is at the end of Virgo and will soon move into the sign of Libra (where she will be much happier). The Moon is in Pisces all day and will be full just after midnight (in Miami). When the Moon is almost full the energy for growth is at its all time highest. Today is a GREAT planting day and you will see things develop roots (pisces) quickly. I am personally planing on planting a ton of baby plants for my own and other people’s gardens. Any seeds you plant today will sprout into abundance down the line. Be compassionate, be generous and be blessed.

What about this weekend? My Peek at the Weekend will be published on Fridays!


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

Rachael Middleton

Written by

practicing astrologer and small organic farmer


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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