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The trio of info you need to judge the Moon’s condition

Rachael Middleton
Sep 27, 2019 · 7 min read
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A month is a lunar length of time. It takes about that long for the Moon to complete its journey through all 12 signs. When considering the Moon in planning, we look at several things: the phase, the sign and any aspects the Moon is making to other planets; this is the basic trio of info we need about the Moon to judge its condition and plan accordingly.

MOON PHASE — Cycle of short term growth

The Moon phase is the relationship of the Moon’s cycle with the Sun.

The Phase of the Moon shows the place in the cycle of short term growth, as well as the momentum.

The Moon has 8 phases, but you can think about the Moon cycle as having two major parts — WAXING and WANING.

The lunar phase cycle begins at the New Moon when the Moon and Sun are at the same degree (this happens once a month).

The New Moon grows in light for two weeks until it is Full, this is the WAXING period.

At the Full Moon, the Moon is opposite the Sun exactly.

After the Full Moon, the WANING two week period begins and the Moon’s light lessens gradually until it is invisible.

When one Moon cycle ends, another one begins, indicated by the monthly lunar conjunction with the sun.

Looking at the phase of the Moon tells you where you are in the month long cycle.

The Phase of the Moon indicates the momentum of the energy (is it increasing/waxing or decreasing/waning?)

It takes two weeks for the Moon to become Full. The two week period between the New Moon and Full Moon is the waxing phase. This is the time when growth is promoted and you should do things that you want to increase. This is the phase where planting above ground crops is recommended.

After the Full Moon, which is the peak of the cycle, we enter the waning phase for two weeks. The energy is now on a down swing, and things are wrapping up or finishing. In farming, the first week of the waning phase is still suitable for planting, but crops that grow below the ground are preferred. The last week of the cycle is not recommended for planting, and it is better to use to mow or weed, as growth is not promoted.

to sum up —

WAXING MOON PHASE promotes growth and is good for planting above ground crops, this is a good time to seed your intentions and begin your projects and endeavors. The energy for growth is most strong and people are most responsive right before the Full Moon (the peak of the cycle and crux when the energy shifts from waxing to waning).

WANING MOON PHASE is more suitable for planting below ground crops according to lunar gardening principles. The last week in the cycle however, is such low growth energy that planting is not recommended. During the last two weeks of the Moon cycle you are better off processing and refining what you began earlier in the month.

MOON SIGN — temporary mood or vibe

While the Moon phase informs us where the Moon is in her month long cycle, the transiting Moon’s sign tells us about the temporary mood or vibe that will be reflected by the Moon and her significators.

What is the Moon and what are her significators?

The Moon is a ruler of many things, including but not limited to : the public, food, children, mothers, women, habits, and the emotional mood.

The Moon’s sign changes every two and half days roughly, and the vibe or mood of that short term period will be colored by the sign.

The Moon prefers to be in some signs over others. Cancer is the sign where the Moon is in rulership, Capricorn the sign where she has the least power. The Moon is happy in Taurus and less happy in Scorpio.

In general, whenever you want to interpret the meaning of a sign, begin by thinking of the sign’s element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water) and then add the mode (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable). The Moon will reflect the element and mode of the sign it is in as a baseline for the energy, and will be further colored by the planetary ruler of the sign it is in. (for example, if the Moon is in Gemini, it will have to defer to Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) and wherever the current position of Mercury is would give more information about the given vibe.

The Moon sign is a more detailed reflection of the shorter term vibration and gives more specific information than just interpreting the phase alone.

THE MOON’s ASPECTS — story of action

The Moon is the fastest moving of the planets and will make an aspect (a connection of some kind) with all of the other planets in a month’s time. When the Moon does come into contact with another planet (through a conjunction, opposition, trine, square or sextile) the Moon will reflect and interact with that planet’s energy. This part of the astrological analysis can offer even more detailed and specific information about the particular quality of time. The Moon’s aspects will often tell you about CONNECTIONS and interactions that happen in real time as reflections of the planetary aspects.

The Moon’s aspects help to tell the story of action and the sequence of events that happen in a shorter term period.

When the Moon has finished making aspects to any other planet, which happens at some point in every sign, it goes VOID-of-course. A term which is very important in astrological planning. The Moon will enter into a period where it is “Void” every few days before it changes sign. This void period is a time where connections are not easily made and new starts almost always fail.

The Void Moon is referred to as a “time out” period by Madeline Gerwick, and many electional astrologers will advise against planning anything important on a Void Moon. “Nothing will come of it” is the interpretation I have heard many times for Void Moon activities. This is a great time to take off and attend to your own personal business,and do things that you do not need to rely on others to make happen. It is a time where you are less likely to be interrupted and could schedule in some alone time. It is a horrible time to initiate contacts, send promotions or schedule events, unless of course you don’t want them to go anywhere, or just go into the void (in the case of promotions).

Do not waste money energy or effort in trying to reach out to others during Void Moons; instead, tie up whatever loose ends are hanging from the past few days and enjoy the break. That’s exactly what the Moon is doing when it is Void, it’s on break — and since the Moon is the archetype of the mother, you can only imagine, mama needs her breaks. And so do we all.

Blocking out the Void Moon times in your schedule will give you guilt-free built in downtime, and help you avoid wasting your best efforts during windows where the energy is not there to make a connection.

This happens all the time. I deal with it in one of two ways, depending on my level of involvement, investment and influence in the situation. If I am heavily involved or invested I will usually mention that the selected timing is not a good one for a final choice. It’s not a big deal if people don’t listen because it most likely wont work out either way, but having advance notice can sometimes alter cases and save a lot of trouble.

If I am not involved directly or I am without influence, I just observe, and almost always, the event falls out or doesn’t even happen. I absolutely won’t put all my eggs in any basket that is planning on banking on a bad election. It’s a very bad time to gamble btw, not a winning time. Sometimes, sitting it out is the best way to handle a Void, because it’s a compatible energy for going off on one’s own.

Absolutely not. I enjoy them, especially since I observe them as not being a time where I pressure anything to happen and just go with the flow without any expectations. It is sort of Void Moon meditation observation for me to be patient. If I really want to push something on a Void Moon I will often wait, and by the time the Moon changes, so does the situation and or my desired course of action. The Void Moon is not bad, it’s like a resting time, and I think many people are afraid to rest, but that’s another reason why it’s good to remember that nature, in many ways, has built in off times periodically. That’s how I try to take Void Moons, and how I find them most enjoyable.

I use Lunarium as my online lunar calendar of choice. The Void Times are indicated by the arrows and this website will also post it on the front page.

For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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