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Weekly Forecast beginning October 7, 2019

Rachael Middleton
Oct 6 · 5 min read
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Monday, October 7- Moon in Aquarius

Monday we are hopeful when we begin the week. There is a lot of lunar action today, but we are under a weird aspect that may lead to an eventual falling out or missed connection. Venus is in the last degree of Libra today, and although the Moon assumes it will be able to make a trine to Venus, before it can, Venus will leave Libra and enter Scorpio. It’s kind of like this, you realize you want to connect with an ideal candidate for a position, you send them an offer for a position, but they have just left the country to take another, much shittier, job. It would have been great, but for whatever reason, you are a day late and a dollar short.

Tuesday October 8 — Moon in Aquarius, Goes Void at 2:26 PM (EDT)

Venus moves into Scorpio today at 1:06 PM, leaving a position of comfort and control in her home sign of Libra and entering one of her least favorite places to be. Venus is has to defer to Mars when in Scorpio, she can no longer do whatever she wants without consulting anyone. Mars, currently in Libra, is in a similar position, also unable to act on his own.

The redeeming quality happens to be in the mutual reception between Venus and Mars, each in the other’s territory. No one is playing to their strong suits, but it doesn’t matter as much because everyone is equally challenged at doing something that is either out of their league or against the grain of who they are, which is maddening when you see it in other people, but even worse when it is happening on your own life.

For the rest of the month, there will be an opportunity for developing more compassion and empathy for your partner and their reality, which although different from yours, sucks in its own special way. Painful realizations can often precede healing conversations and transformative (re)actions.

Wednesday October 9 — Moon in Pisces

The Moon enters Pisces at 12:05 PM Wednesday afternoon. The Moon is waxing to be full and in a water sign, which is a recipe for rapid and lush growth in the garden and elsewhere. The highest fertility is associated with planting on water sign moons. You may be tempted to take advantage of the expansive energy today, while the Moon is still despositing to a strongly placed Jupiter in Sag. I will say though it is often difficult to follow through on plans during a Pisces Moon in my experience, things get rained out by either bad weather or stormy emotions.

Thursday, October 10 — Moon in Pisces ruled by Jupiter in Sag

Thursday starts off with a beautiful water trine from the Moon in Pisces to Mercury in Scorpio, creative juices could be flowing in the morning. You can communicate deeply today about things that are close to your heart. There is a good chance that you will be more easily moved today emotionally, and what your emotions prompt you to do will hopefully be in everyone’s best interest. The Moon also makes connections with Jupiter, it’s strongly placed ruler, and Neptune today. Perhaps all the soul searching and excess emotion leads to a feeling like one has earned the right to check out and escape. And indeed, you may need to take a little down time to recover, a lot of healing work happens when we sleep. Have faith my friend, all is well and you are just good.

Friday October 11 — Void Moon all day in Pisces

Take the day off if at all possible. It’s a zero productivity type of energy today. But it’s a day where you could very easily fuck off without too much interference or consequence. Everybody needs a day off sometimes. And some days are way better spent in your bedroom. You may be surprised how productive you are at getting nothing done today. This is a good day to binge watch a show you are ashamed to admit you love. Also a good day to rest. Also a good day to do what you need to do to forgive and forget, just don’t go too far on the forgetting techniques.

Saturday October 12 — Moon in Aries, Mars in Libra

This day is a doozy. The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron (the wound that won’t heal) and in opposition to its ruler Mars, who is currently hating it in Libra. People are self centered and impatient when the Moon is in Aries and the are usually less likely to want to consider other people. This can lead to conflicts and someone feeling like they got the short end of the stick, but really no one is happy today, regardless of which end of the stick they are on. To get what we want we often have to involve others, and this is so much harder than we expected. Did we have any expectations for today? If so, you may be disappointed.

Sunday, October 13 —Full Moon in Aries at 5:07 PM (EDT)

The Full Moon in Aries this month forms a t-square with Pluto in Capricorn. This is a very intense aspect of pressure and transformation, and it is going to be affecting all the cardinal signs, including Cancer, which is the “empty leg” or exit point of the energy of the t-square.

How do we live authentically as ourselves while co-existing and compromising with others? What types of transformative changes are happening (or need to happen stat!) in order to meet the needs of survival and even approach the possibility of thriving?

Is our personal survival dependent on others — yes — does that present a challenge — absolutely — can we rise to the occasion and find a solution for all parties involved? Mmhm. I hope so anyway, and that is the goal. The sign of Cancer and everything it rules is the key. Where in your life can you be nurtured, accepted and comfortable — go there. Don’t know where that is? Keep looking, it’s somewhere you are probably taking for granted. If you still say no, is there a place where you can be the one doing the nurturing, accepting and comforting? Maybe there is.


Rachael Middleton

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