To Libra, With Love

What would WE do without Libra?

Rachael Middleton
Sep 22 · 3 min read
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Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, the halfway point. It is the turning point in development, where the individual begins it’s journey outside of the limits of the self, to interact with the other(self). Libra is about the first time we look beyond our selves and our own personal concerns.

Libra is the sign of WE and US, the sign of partnership. Libra is not alone, (God forbid!) but unique shall we say, in this desire for partnership. There are many signs, which could take it or leave it when it comes to interactions with others, not so with Libra. For better or worse, and it can be both, Libra must engage with others.

At this time of year, it is a good moment to take stock of where you stand in relation to other people. There are so many ways to encounter the other. It can be positive, negative, or mixed in it’s orientation; all are Libra lessons.

Libra is prone to experiencing extremes of duality in relationship: love/hate, yes/no, top/bottom, dominant/submissive, us/them. It’s more likely that Libra will feel one way or the other, rather than both at the same time(that’s more a Gemini style), but both air signs are known for their indecisiveness and desire to want to think a lot about things before making a decision (aka choosing).

With Gemini it’s because they are thinking of all the infinite possibilities and wanting to consider each one out of curiosity, with Libra it is because they are weighing out all the possibilities as to how they will effect not only themselves but you too. Libra is usually very considerate of others, regardless of how well they are behaving or playing with others at any given moment.

Perhaps more than any sign, Libra is effected by how its interactions with others are going. Ideally, Libra would like for it to be smooth and pleasing. Harmony is a Venus principle, and Venus is the planet that rules Libra.

Conflict is rarely the Libra’s first choice for interaction, but it will take negative interaction over isolation. Though the sign of Libra is known for it’s diplomacy and peace loving nature, it is also a sign associated with war (an enemy is another type of one-on-one relationship). Let’s just say, it’s better to have a Libra for a friend than an enemy, and likewise Libra, it’s better for you to have a partner over an adversary .

The Sun will enter Libra on September 23, 2019, officially kicking off Libra season (aka Fall). In addition to the Sun, we are also blessed to now have Venus in her home sign of Libra until October 8. It will be a time where relationships and relationship issues, for better or worse, will become more prominent and important in your life.

Projection is a Libra strong suit, so be on the lookout for it and instead of freaking out when you recognize it happening, realize that it is one of the number one ways human beings learn about themselves from each other, give thanks and take notes. The person in front of you is very likely your greatest teacher in this moment, recognizing this is half the battle.


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

Rachael Middleton

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For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.