Tuesday Belongs to Mars

Using the Planets to Plan Your Week

Rachael Middleton
Sep 3, 2019 · 5 min read
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If you are lucky enough to be able to plan your own schedule you may also have encountered the challenge of effective time management. Planning your agenda taking the energy of the moment into account is one of the most useful forms of astrology.

Each day of the week has a planetary ruler, and Tuesday belongs to Mars. On a planet’s given day, matters of that planet will be more favored, energetically focused on and in general, highlighted.

Traditional astrology assigns the seven planets to the days of the week as follows: Monday/the Moon, Tuesday/Mars, Wednesday/Mercury, Thursday/Jupiter, Friday/Venus, Saturday/Saturn, Sunday/the Sun.

Monday is the Moon’s day.

And all things that have to do with the Moon are favored on Mondays. Moon related things include — the home and domestic life, women and children, emotional and unconscious drives, and the personal inner landscape.

Mondays are one of the best days to take off if possible to tend to your personal affairs. I know many people who are not bound by a traditional work schedule who choose to take Monday for themselves. It’s also been interesting to me that many restaurants (a Moon related industry) are closed to the public (also ruled by the Moon) on Mondays. The reason is that it is usually one of the slowest days in the restaurant business (people prefer to stay home and eat).

Tuesday is a whole different energy. Mars is a planet that is considered to be one of the malefics (aka trouble makers) in astrology. I am not saying that every Tuesday is a bad day, but if I had to pick a day of the week to be more cautious, it would be Tuesday.

A History of Treacherous Tuesdays

Last year September 11th fell on a Tuesday, and it reminded me of how the infamous September 11, 2001 was also on a Tuesday. I have a very strong audio memory of hearing the phrase, TUESDAY, Sep 11. over and over again from the media coverage of the event.

It’s also worthy to note that Election Day in the US always falls on a Tuesday. It always struck me as odd that a Tuesday be a designated day for something, but when I learned that Mars, which represents our will, rules Tuesday, it seemed appropriate for a day where we were supposedly choosing our leaders, saying who we wanted to be in charge. Mars also favors men, being aggressive, polarizing through creating rivalry or adversary — fitting for what we see in political theater. On Election Day that first Tuesday in November, the Sun (which represents our leaders) is always in Scorpio, which is a sign ruled by Mars.

Tuesday would be a great day to schedule a fight or work out or do anything that requires you to spend a lot of physical or outward energy. It’s not going to be a good day to carry out matters of diplomacy or make nice; Try that on Friday.

What About Wednesday?

Mercury rules Wednesday and is a day where communications and connections are more in focus. Mercury is the messenger and rules the signs of Virgo and Gemini. It can be a good day to work on writing projects or any kind of learning or pursuit that requires using information. Wednesday is smack in the middle of the work week, and it is often a busy day. It also carries a mutable energy. It’s sometimes referred to as hump day.

Wednesdays are great for sending out communications and for having meetings, but keep them brief and on point, attention spans are not at their longest, but wits can be sharp.

Thursday Bonus

Jupiter is the ruler of Thursday, and it’s in general a lucky day, especially lucky for the majority of 2019, when Jupiter will be in his home sign of Sagittarius. If you have to do something that depends on grace, favor from a superior or good fortune, try Thursday. Jupiter is an expansive energy, and it likes to err on the side of excess. Not a good day to shop conservatively, but a good day to make big bold moves that depend on a cosmic upswing.

The energy of Jupiter is one that tunes into gratitude, every Thanksgiving is always celebrated on a Thursday, Jupiter’s Day.

Venus Rules Friday, Pay Day and Date Night

For those that get a paycheck and/or engage in dating, Fridays are good days. Venus rules money and relationships and Fridays are generally pretty suited to spending money, especially true because it is the majority day that many earners get paid.

Friday is a good day to schedule a beauty treatment, social engagement or any Venus ruled activity. The feeling of a Friday is pretty high spirited and it marks the beginning of the weekend, which for many people is either their main free time, but for others(like those in the restaurant business for example) is when they really make money at work.

Saturday — Saturn’s Day and the Sabbath

It’s interesting that the two weekend days are both related to religious observation and worship. Saturn is a planet that rules prohibition and work, and on Saturday it is prohibited for those observing the Sabbath to work (and engage in many activities), instead taking it as a day of rest.

Saturn rules Saturday. Saturn rules agriculture, and Saturdays are often a huge day for Farmer’s Markets. It is a great day for taking care of important business or “adulting”, and even though it is during the weekend, it’s not the most suited day for having fun.

Sunday — Day of of the Sun

If you are not going to church you may be using Sunday as a day to rest, recharge or take as a family/personal day. Sundays are often considered sacred even without religious observation. If the truth were known, many modern people would like to spend their Sunday how they want (the Sun is the ego and the soul, the personal idea of the core self). But sometimes the Sun is an energy of authority projected outwardly we must kneel to. It is a good day to seek medical attention from a healer and to vitalize your health.


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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