Venus enters Libra

The value of harmony in relationships increases

Rachael Middleton
Sep 14 · 2 min read
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Saturday, September 14 is the day when the balance of power begins to shift, as two key players in the game (Mercury and Venus) both move into the sign of Libra, together.

To have the two planets conjunct when they make their transition from the last degree of Virgo (where they both were yesterday) to the first degree of Libra (where they both are today) is made even more interesting by the planets each ruling one of the signs.

Yesterday, Mercury was in the strongest position it could be in, the last degree of the sign where it is both a ruler and in exaltation. Venus at the last degree of Virgo was not nearly as happy, being in a sign that is considered Venus’s Fall.

Overnight things change.

First, Mercury moved into Libra soon to be followed by Venus, where she is in rulership. The first degree of any cardinal sign is very strong and considered a world axis point. Basically, Venus just entered the power seat and Mercury’s long run in Virgo is now over.

How could this translate in real life?

Well, since early September we have had an over emphasis of earth energy in the sky, emphasizing the practical and real world considerations that need addressing. It’s been a time of hard work and little play or at least, play was not as rewarded as hard work seemed to be. Attending to your work, or your self, has been more of a priority than tending to your partner lately.

With Venus entering her home sign of Libra, we will be much more rewarded when we consider more than just our to do list. It could mean making more time for your partner instead of focusing so diligently on work every minute. In your work life, it could also mean seeing the value of business relationships, networking and referrals increase over micromanaging and analyzing every stat available.

Harmony is now valued over productivity.

Libra is socially adept, and Venus in Libra knows how to act in most all social situations. Crude or rude behavior is not so appreciated now, and it may be a good time to clean up your act for appearance’s sake at least. Libra can be superficially concerned, so make it look nice, please.

On the plus side, it’s generally a good time for beauty treatments, fashion purchases or interior decorating. Libra style is classically beautiful with perfect symmetry and harmonious color pairs.

Venus will be in Libra from September 14 until October 8, 2019. *

Electional side note* This opens up some very nice Venus in Libra electional windows, and will be a time when we have both benefics (Venus and Jupiter) in signs where they are strong.

Rachael Middleton

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practicing astrologer and small organic farmer


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