What Libra Can Teach Us

The ideal of equality and the lesson of balance

Rachael Middleton
Sep 18 · 3 min read
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Libra is the sign that represents perfect balance.

It is the season that initiates the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, when the days and nights are equal in length. The balance that is associated with Libra is fleeting and momentary at best. The days and nights are equal for but one 24 hour period, and then, the scales shift toward night.

Balance and harmony are not static concepts.

When the scale, the symbol for Libra, is equally balanced, it is in a state of almost invisible, but still perceptible, motion; even in perfection, balance is shaky.

Libra is the sign that is associated with equal partnerships.

Libra is the first sign in the zodiac that has to do with the other. Aries — Virgo are all signs that deal with the development of the self. Libra marks the halfway point, the place where we are ready to enter into relationship with an-other, being fully formed as an actualized individual (Virgo’s work, the sign that precedes Libra).

Libra is the sign of relationship.

Relationships are such an important part of our lives. Libra is the sign that knows this most well. If you make an effort to become consciously aware of how you participate in the different relationships in your life, you may just see an increase in your satisfaction.


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

Rachael Middleton

Written by

practicing astrologer and small organic farmer iheartastrology.net


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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