Singer/Songwriter Alison McConnell’s blues raptured soul is real. It’s evident in each one of her songs as well as her performances. It was a happy accident when I met Alison. One of my favorite songs, “I’d Rather Go Blind” lingered through the air months ago while I took a quick break walking around the block from a friend’s house. I stumbled upon Alison and her band Wonderland rehearsing and I was slayed. Fast forward, and months later, I finally reached out to Alison to chat about her recently released EP “These Walls” (listen to the preview below) and to ask…

I’m so very super stoked for this year’s BUKU Music + Art Project. It’s been a minute since I’ve headed out to Mardi Gras to catch the entire event. This year I’m all in. Especially with the stocked lineup from some of the biggest names on the planet. Check out what I’m super excited about below. Tickets are going super quick, click here to get some of your own. See you out there.




Psych Pop trio Shadow Brother has been on my radar for a hot minute. Long distance relationships within the music industry has become a quite regular occurance and there’s no better example of that than Shadow Brother’s latest release, “Delta of Time”. Toby Vest (Memphis), Jake Vest (New York City), and Jeff Schmidtke (Nola) have been collaboborating for over a decade and maybe it’s the distance and the process that makes their sound so unique and ethereal.

Shadow Brother opt 2
Shadow Brother opt 2

Tracks like “Untitled #3” and “Never Sleep” are hypnotic stand outs to me in their composition, production, and of course harmony. I’ll be taking a road trip soon, and this record will certainly be on repeat throughtout the trip.


Below is a really swell preview video…

Nothing has changed and yet everything has changed for singer/songwriter Maggie Koerner. With her most recent EP “Dig Down Deep”, Maggie has released another set of masterful and powerful tracks that just exude the idea of being dialed in and perfectly in the moment.

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The first track “Dig Down Deep” has quickly become one of my favorite tracks of this newborn year. Soulfully intensive and gentle at times, “Dig Down Deep” pulls you in and never lets go until the moment the last seconds tick away. The video above is also one of the best music videos shot in New Orleans in quite some time.

The month old 4-track EP really and truly shows Maggie at her finest in all aspects of the game. Click here to check out the full EP, available now on iTunes!

Today marks the first day of the 8th Annual Jazz Education Network Conference. This year, JEN is celebrating 100 years of recorded Jazz, and there’s no better place to celebrate this huge milestone than in New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz. Our city’s roots are in Jazz and everything we do seems to happen to the rythym of that beat. This year’s JEN is in New Orleans for the first time, and this should be their biggest event ever. If you’re unfamilier with the Network, here’s what JEN is all about…

“The Jazz Education Network is dedicated to building the…

There’s a longstanding and generational tradition in New Orleans with relation to our enjoyment of Christmas lights. Whether you’re driving around uptown or your own neighborhood, strolling down Canal St., walking through Celebration In The Oaks in City Park, or in Metry at Lafreniere Park’s Christmas in the Park, this is the perfect time through next week when Santa arrives to get out and see some twinkles. It may not snow down here too often, and lord knows we never want a snowy Christmas after 2004, it’s always a pleasure to take in the lights and the beauty of Christmas…

Friends of the program, Tysson have recently released their long-awaited and bombastic soundscape EP this week.

The 4 song release shows the duo’s evolution over the last few years as well as their ability to refine and perfect their sound in an authentic way. Over the last few days I’ve listened to the EP and can’t help but feel how relevant the tracks are. Synths layered like the best baklava, mixed with super tight percussion by the super talented Alvin Ford, and the one of a kind vocals by John Michael Rouchell , the EP could have easily been the soundtrack to Drive or any other Nicolas Winding Refn flick. Check out the video of my favorite track “Lost In The Light”, directed by Alexa King, and click on the link at the bottom to add the EP to your rotation, exclusively available on Spotify.


Two of my favorite Nola creatives & hustlers, Ali McNally + Chris Scheurich have a brand new project titled $PAWN$. Electronic soul + synth melodies and enigmatic beats make up a small part of their first track “Can’t Help Myself”, released just a few days ago. Check it out below, and follow them on Soundcloud + Instagram.

[soundcloud url=”" params=”visual=true&show_artwork=true&callback=YUI.Env.JSONP.yui_3_17_2_1_1470878363434_40307&wmode=opaque” width=”100%” height=”400" iframe=”true” /]


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