New Orleans continues to grow exponentially and exceed the expectations of those who watch our city closely. This week, in between Jazz Fest weekends, we welcome one of the largest tech conference, Collision to Nola. Billed as “America’s fastest growing tech conference”, Collision brings 2 days of inspiration and innovation to the Morial Convention center.

I cant get over just how gracefully and beautifully the team at City Park transformed the elegant Botanical Garden into show of Chinese culture in lights. It was a beautiful and elegant spectacle of silk and lights like I’ve never seen. I was thrilled to see China through the lens of the beautiful exhibition. Located inside the Botanical Gardens in City Park (5 Victory Avenue), the China Lights display is massive and diverse. Below is more info and of course, the rest of our images from our visit.

“More than 30 extraordinary, blazingly bright silk covered structures will fill the Botanical Garden. We’ll have 100s of lanterns to delight you at every turn. Picture an incredible glowing dragon 131-feet long! Or a three-story, lit-from-within pagoda towering high enough to be seen from almost any vantage point in the garden. Plus dozens of dazzlingly colorful lighted displays created by a team of artisans and technical staff from Sichuan Tianyu, located in Zigong, China.

These beautiful objects have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people in Europe, most recently in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and, and in the United states first in Spokane, Washington and now soon in New Orleans.”

The exhibit will be on display through May 1st, 2016.

Open: Sunday…

This year marks the second year in a row The Emeril Lagasse Foundation event Boudin, Bourbon, & Beer has been held at Champion Square. The event brings together some of the best chefs from around world as well as chefs from our own Nola backyard in support of the foundation and the young people it benefits. This year proved to be bigger and better than ever with fantastic food and drinks as well as some great performances (Silverado Pickups, Nola’s own Sweet Crude, Elle King, and St. Paul and The Broken Bones ). Below you’ll find our highlights from the year’s event split into categories for your viewing pleasure. Check it below and enjoy.

On June 15th, 2005, I registered the domain name To be perfectly honest, up until several years ago, I had always remembered it being registered days after August 29th, 2005, and certainly remained firm on it’s original inception. It was surreal to look back and research it’s beginning and realize in a very David Fincher way that I had almost being lying to myself all those years.

My family and I begrudgingly left behind most of what we all owned, and like so many others from around the metro area, took whatever we cherished the most and headed out…

Ten years ago today, on August 27, 2005, the historic and storied Orpheum Theater closed it’s doors, until today. Re-opening and re-emerging as one of the absolute premier entertainment venues in New Orleans, The Orpheum Theater has been masterfully restored to it’s original glory as well as updated to exceed my wildest dreams and expectations. Check out the details below…

In it’s first 2 months, #ThisIsNola has hit the ground running in their passionate promotion of New Orleans. I hated to miss the inaugural event last month and was bound and determined to make it to last week’s show at The Joy Theater. Below you’ll find their mission statement and based on what I experienced last week, they are certainly delivering in a big way. The momentum is building steadily as each month’s roster is announced.

There’s no bigger musical institution in New Orleans than the locally bred radio station WWOZ 90.7. Since 1980, WWOZ has been the mainline to Nola music and culture. Celebrating New Orleans with each and every tune that flows through the air, WWOZ is a community run and driven radio station that is listener supported from across the world.

Released in 1996, Weezer’s Pinkerton is considered by many to be the most underrated sophomore records of all time. Just to put 1996 in perspective, the god-forsaken turd of a song, “Macarena” was the biggest hit of the year. Even though it seemed like the 90’s were all about grunge, in 1996, Pearl Jam’s “I Got Id” finished at No. 96 on the Billboard 100. Ironically.

It’s been a long time coming, but the Bywater Crescent Park is now open and ready for strolling. Marked clearly across the Mississippi River skyline, the main entrance to the Crescent Park is the towering ironclad bridge located at the end of Piety Street in the Bywater.

In just it’s 3rd year, The The Buku Music + Art Project has grown exponentially. Hosted along the Mississippi River by the folks at Mardi Gras World, Buku put together a stellar lineup this year. Below is our photo re-cap of the 2 day festival. The talent and environment rivals festival around the country and with the level of talent hitting the stage, I can only imagine what Buku puts together for us next year. Enjoy, and thanks again for visiting.


The Local Guide To New Orleans

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