Today we’re beginning a new Series of posts titled “That One Thing”.

What I love about New Orleans is the food and music. The first thing I mention to someone who’s visiting New Orleans for the first time is, “You have to try this restaurant, ________!”.

Food and Music were two very important things for me growing up in New Orleans. These two things were the pivot to many family gatherings. Food and Music was always an integral part in the fellowship. Good food, great music, and fellowship. In my opinion, that’s what it truly means to get a “taste of New Orleans”.

Painter and creative producer Isla Moon is one of my favorite folks around town. We met on a photoshoot a few years ago, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to feature her and her enigmatic and colorful art. I tend to gravitate towards colorful, simple, and abstract art and Moon’s work checks all of my favorite boxes. Of course art, is hard to fathom when it’s in the form of 1’s and 0’s here on the web, but it’s safe to say that her artwork shimmers and gleams with spirit and impasto. Her work certainly reflects her aura and her approach to life, especially in intensity and texture. Here’s her more in depth bio —

“A Louisiana native, Moon has deep southern roots. Her art is inspired by the spiritual world she through which she sees all reality. Her various travels throughout europe, the UK and the hawaiian Islands have a huge hand in the stories she tells with paint. an oil painter by trade, she soon discovered the organic elegance of watercolor while working in her studio in ireland. She now tends to marry the two mediums into timeless works that hold bold presence while still providing a delicate and sensitive air about them. …

2016 has already been a stellar year for PJ Morton. Earlier this year, Morton released his most recent love letter to Nola, “Bounce & Soul Vol 1” mixtape, which in my mind has become an instant classic. The New Orleans East native & Maroon 5 keyboardist, has been all over the world, and has decided to make a move back to New Orleans, and back to where it all started.


Just a few days ago, I spent a few hours over café au lait in City Park with one of my favorite singer/songwriters Kristin Diable. We chatted about life on the road, her progression as an artist, how she winds down and spends her precious time here in New Orleans. With Kristin’s latest and recent release, “Create Your Own Mythology”, the world has quickly begun to catch on. Produced by Dave Cobb, who has produced records for Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, and Jason Isbell, “Create Your Own Mythology” truly expresses and accentuates Kristin’s soul-filled range.

I was so thrilled to…

I have to admit there’s something insanely complex, intriguing, and beautiful about black and white photography. Even though, I rarely post black and white images on this website and on Instagram for that matter, I wanted to share some of my favorite b&w images #NOLAGrams I’ve found over the last few weeks. Have a laugh, enjoy the splendor of them, and follow your faves just like me. Thanks again everyone for your continued support!

Tonight our good friend and artist Olesya will be closing out her “Candy Shop” solo exhibition at Steve Martin Gallery (624 Julia St., New Orleans, LA 70130) in the arts district. Here are the details…

I’ve been a huge fan of photographer and explorer Patrick Melon (AKA @melontao) for quite some time. His images drip with passion, grit, and reflect life in New Orleans like no one else. His work is authentic through and through. Recently, over the holidays I was fortunate enough to walk around the city and capture him in action as we took in a Nola skyline, which is one of his many signature captures. Check out the rest of the images from our shoot together as well as a selection of my favorite images from Patrick below.

There’s not a whole lot of music out there that makes me happier than funky soul music. New Orleans may be the birthplace of Jazz, but it’s where the combination of funk and soul collide in a big way. Nola exemplifies the sound and I can’t imagine it belonging to any other zip code.

For me, singer and keyboard legend Nigel Hall personifies the sound and has taken it to a whole other level. Originally from D.C., Nigel has collaborated and played with some of the best bands and artists in the land.

It’s been a hot minute since Nigel…


The Local Guide To New Orleans

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