“That One Thing” w/ Harlin Miller

Today we’re beginning a new Series of posts titled “That One Thing”.

The idea is to share a New Orleanian’s one thing they love about New Orleans. Our first feature, Harlin Miller is a fantastically talented and super creaitve photographer and advocate for Nola, here’s his “That One Thing”.

What I love about New Orleans is the food and music. The first thing I mention to someone who’s visiting New Orleans for the first time is, “You have to try this restaurant, ________!”.

Food and Music were two very important things for me growing up in New Orleans. These two things were the pivot to many family gatherings. Food and Music was always an integral part in the fellowship. Good food, great music, and fellowship. In my opinion, that’s what it truly means to get a “taste of New Orleans”.

The Local Guide To New Orleans

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