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Apr 5, 2019

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Deloitte Talks About IHT Business Model on Market Research Report

i-House has received a market research report from Deloitte, one of the top international accounting firms, which shows that i-House is getting more recognition internationally.

In this 83-page exclusive market research report on i-House, Deloitte analyzes i-House’s project background, real estate market investment profile, real estate market assessment, and blockchain application in the real estate industry. The report shows the detailed analysis and explanations confirm the value of i-House and create more possibilities for the entire industry in the future.

Global real estate has a market of 270 trillion US dollars and a broader development space, even if the 1% change which will be a 2.7 trillion market size. i-House promotes innovation of the real estate market by integrating blockchain into the industry. According to the Deloitte report, “I-House has made many achievements after two years of unremitting efforts. i-House has business partners and projects around the world, including Hong Kong, San Francisco, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, and other places.”

In Deloitte’s report, we will first brief on the propensity of real estate investment, and divide the investment type into direct investment and indirect investment.

In the context of the global macroeconomic environment, Deloitte analyzes the real estate market trends. Through the analysis and evaluation of the national population level, GDP growth rate, unemployment rate, consumer confidence, and 10-year bond yield, the importance, and inevitability of real estate industry innovation is illustrated.

The report exemplified and analyzed real estate markets and classified traditional active participants into five categories: pension funds, REIT’s/ REOC’s, private equity, and developers. Among them, the report shows a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the traditional real estate providers.

In the Deloitte market report, the emerging trends in real estate investment are summarized. Moreover, Deloitte mentioned on the driving force for the transformation of information technology has led to the rise of “Space As A Service (SPAAS)”. The report states the application of the blockchain in the real estate industry through the analysis of the i-House business model which is pointed out on how we may play a key role in today’s real estate market.

In addition to the analysis of the macro market, the report provides a clear comparison of traditional and token investments, including transaction time, equity requirement, transparency level, data availability & accessibility, regulatory requirement, local knowledge, and liquidity.

It is worth emphasizing that Deloitte cited three trends of evolution in support of the i-House business model in the report: Investor evolution, Real estate demand evolution, and Payment option evolution. These three trends are the fuel for the continuous development of i-House.

Through Deloitte’s report of analyzing multi-dimensional and in-depth analysis, i-House was able to prove our position in this industry and our determination to this path of innovation.

i-House is grateful for all the continuous support from the community investors. There are still many challenges and opportunities in the future. We are well-prepared to continue creating value for the entire real estate industry so that more and more users will benefit from the entire real estate blockchain ecosystem.

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