Startup Pitch Deck — The top 15 elements not to miss & Example of Pitch Deck

Here is list of things not to miss when preparing for a fund raising startup pitch deck. There are a lot of template and suggestion online, and here are list of things that I have seen as a “must have” for the content.

1.0 Example of Great Pitch from Taiwan Startup

1.1 SkyREC pitch at Slush Asia 2016

1.2 iChef @ Echelon 2014, Singapore

2.0 Top 15 elements not to miss out


If you are a startup and this is the first time you are doing fundrasing, here is a list of elements that are recommended to include in your 1st draft as these elements present a great fundation to focus on the things investers care for most of time.


2.1 Company Name / Product or Service Name / One Sentence Description

(公司名稱 / 產品或服務名稱 / 一句話的說明)

The key here is the “one sentence” describing your company and product/service. 是否可以透過兩句話來說明你的公司

  • company name 公司名稱
  • what is the position of your company / 你公司的定位
  • how does your product/service help peoplpe /你公司如何幫助大家

Here is a great example 範例

Microsoft is a productivity company, we help people to achieve more. 微軟是一家生產力公司,我們協助大家實現更多
Facebook is a social network company, we bring people together. 臉書是一家社群網絡公司,我們把大家凝聚一起

2.2 What is the problem you are solving? Who suffers from the pain if the problem is not solved?

(到底在解決哪個問題? 誰會痛 (with photo)

2.3 Why current existing solution can not solve?

(為何既有的服務或商品無法解決或滿足? (with example))

> what would be possible answer:

(1) please give 3 example of current service type, and why these product/service is not able to solve the current presented program

>what is investor thinking: what’s the gap of current and to-be solution. or what is the market insight.

> what is the problem/solution fit here!

2.3.1 Tools/工具

Lean Canvas by Ash M.( is a great tool to help clarify the problem x solution x value.

2.4 How big or severe the problem and market is? If not solve, what would happen?

到底這個問題有多大或嚴重? 如果不解決,會發生哪樣的影響? (with a photo)

> what would be possible answer:

> what is investor thinking: (1) market size (2) severity of the problem (3) urgency

2.4.1 illustration

The graph below can be used in the slide to describe your market size in 3 distinct category.

— 3 type of market category:

  • Total Available Market (TOM):
  • Served Available Market:
  • Target Market:

2.4.2 Example

2.5 Vision and Purpose / 願景及使命 (with a photo)

This is actually a iterative process where startup team will learn from the discovery and search process of validating the problem, solution and possible business model.

Vision: What would the world look like, if the problem is solved or under controlled?
Purpose: Why do you wake up early in the morning and stay up late? Why are you compel to do this at this moment?

2.5.1 Example

2.6 Photo of product/service 產品及服務的圖

2.7 How does your product/service works 產品服務說明

description how does your product/service work, and what are the key feature that solves the problem

2.8 Market validation and traction 市場驗證及績效

what are the initial prove that there is currently a market/business model? Example would be pre-order that received, # of survey filled, MOU …

2.9 Business Model / 商業模式

how to make money 如何賺錢

investor mind: who are involved and how the money is made? Moreover, why would people want to pay?

2.10 Go-To-Market Strategy or Market Adoption / 推廣策略

investor mind: what are the steps you are taking to make people use your service. Moreover, if your strategy is feasible and business sound

2.11 Competitor 競爭對手

who are trying to solve the problem like your team?

investor mind: what are you doing that they are not doing which makes you a better chance to solve?

2.12 Management Team 團隊介紹

list of co-founder and core-team and what they do in the team with 1 or 2 lines of background

investor mind: question why your team can do it

2.13 Upcoming 3 Tasks 接下來參加將要完成的事

2.14 What help you need 需要幫助的三件事情

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