The Egg or the Chicken?

There’s an old saying in spanish: “¿Qué fue primero, el huevo o la gallina?” (“What was first, the egg or the chicken?”) that is, if it was the chicken, who laid the egg, it it was the egg, where was the chicken? I know, it’s a stupid joke. but also a very real one. How to run a company if you don’t have any clients, and clients won’t hire you because you don’t have success stories? It’s also like when you buy a pair of scissors, but the packaging requires that you use scissors to open it.

That’s the eternal dilemma of the B2B tech startup: Adding company logos to your resumè is hard because clients ask for success stories in order to buy. Fortunately, this running in circles may have an escape — although not a pretty one — : work for free. Give away a few products. If you’re worried about your reputation, you can do your pro-bono work in a non-profit like the Red Cross or Greenpeace. It feels good and makes you look good. Another solution is to build “trial versions” for clients you wish to acquire. They may not like it or buy it, but you can still go to the next prospect and say “let me show you this software we built for Lenovo”. Technically, you’re not telling any lies.

Use your imagination. Defy conventions. The important thing is to get busy and start building products and solutions.

Chief Evangelist

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