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edited by Marco Nurra

“If your business model as a digital newspaper is based only on pageviews and ad impressions, there is no much room for specialized information which is not connected to the mainstream debate along the news cycles. But if your model is community-based, if you have economic support from committed readers who positively evaluate what you are publishing, then it is possible and rewarding to have other possibilities.”
Matt Waite at the International Journalism Festival #ijf16
  • Facebook plays favorites with publishers. A small group of high-profile publishers have the equivalent of a platform black card: they’re called on to help create and test new features and are first to launch them, giving them more time to test and learn. Three indisputable platform darlings are The New York Times, CNN and BuzzFeed.
  • “Medium’s team did everything”. Nieman Lab explains how 5 publishers transitioned their sites to Medium.
  • Online publishers are finding a new way to extract value from freeloading readers: getting their email address. “It’s saying, ‘If you’re not going to look at ads, then give us a data point that identifies you as a specific individual and we’ll be able to track you in a specific way.’”

International Journalism Festival is the biggest annual media event in Europe. It’s an open invitation to interact with the best of world journalism. All sessions are free entry for all attendees, all venues are situated in the stunning setting of the historic town centre of Perugia.

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