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Letter sent on Sep 21, 2016

You Festival: participate in #ijf17 with your ideas

How about participating in #ijf17 with your ideas? If you have a proposal for the 2017 International Journalism Festival programme, please fill in and send this form. The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2016. If your proposal is accepted you will receive a reply from the festival organisation by 10 January 2017.

Submissions can still be made after 31 December 2016 but please note that the festival programme fills up very rapidly and the likelihood of your proposal being accepted after this date decreases significantly.

International Journalism Festival is the biggest annual media event in Europe. It’s an open invitation to interact with the best of world journalism. All sessions are free entry for all attendees, all venues are situated in the stunning setting of the historic town centre of Perugia.

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