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CUMMULATIVE MEAN ALPHA(CMA) : Deriving the possible alphabet sums for a parent alphabet

Simple framework analogy of CMA

There are Alphabets derived from their parent’s Alpha position. These alphabets are in their own distinct tuple; with their numerical representation sum giving the parents alphabet representation.

i.e alphabet at position 6 which is F, has its children alpha’s or its CMA’s as [(0,F),(E,A),(D,B),(C,C)] where 0 denotes that the letter F is the original alphabet in which other tuple were derived. When each of these tuple CMA’s are added, their numerical sum points to the alphabet F on the Alphabetical table.


Model of CMA


Algorithm for Cummulative Mean Alpha


Cummulative Mean Alpha for P


We could generate cummaltives of n tuples for a given Alpha, I believe it is possible and it can be applied in some cryptographic systems where we disguise the main alphabet with its n tuple set. We hope to do more on the research concerning CMA.




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