Chutoro: medium-fat Bluefin Tuna belly

Maguro(tuna) is one of the most popular sushi ingredients. Maguro meat is categorized into three parts (akami, chutoro, otoro) according to ratios of red meat and fat. Akami is the red meat with the least fat. It enables you to enjoy the taste of plain Maguro meat, which is light and sophisticated with a little sourness. Otoro is the fattiest cut of bluefin tuna belly, and it has a rich fat taste. As tuna fat melts at a lower temperature than human body temperature, Otoro dissolves quickly in your mouth, and we love to enjoy that sensation.

Chutoro is medium-fat bluefin tuna belly and shares the positive features of akami and otoro. Despite of the fact that Otoro is the most expensive part, Tuujin (a man of the gourmet world) tends to chose Chutoro and Akami.

Tachibana, Tagawa, Fukuoka, Japan