Hanami (cherry blossom party): How do Japanese enjoy Cherry Blossoms?

“Hana yori dango” is a proverb which literally means “one prefers flowers than dango (sweet rice dumplings)”

Matsuyama castle, Yoshino cherry (Prunus yedoensis)

Matsuyama is the main city in Shikoku, Japan, and it has two stars in the Michelin travel guide. The main local attraction is Dogo onsen hot spring, which is the oldest hot spring in Japan. In 1602, the lord, Kato Yoshiaki, built Matsuyama Castle. It stands in the center of the city on a hill.

Hanami, cherry blossom party

In April, cherry trees are in full bloom at Matsuyama castle hill and people from many countries have fun admiring the flowers and taking pictures with them. Local people have “hanami (cherry blossom parties)” under the blossoms with eating and drinking. The proverb, “hana yori dango”, describes people’s attitude at hamami. Once a party starts, one absorbs themself in eating instead of enjoying cherry blossoms.

Oshima cherry (Prunus speciosa)