If you have eaten “Sobagaki”, you know Japanese food very much

Sobagaki, soba flour and hot water

Soba is Japanese for buckwheat, and it is commonly eaten in the form of soba flour noodles. “Sobagaki” literally means “to stir soba flour.” Soba flour is mixed with hot water and stirred in a bowl, or mixed with water in a pan and heated and stirred gradually, until it becomes a mashed-potato-like dough ball. The dough is then torn into bite-sized pieces with chopsticks and dipped in soy sauce and eaten. You can enjoy the soft, smooth texture, and the pure flavor of soba flour as it is simply made with 100 percent soba flour, whereas soba noodles are commonly made from both soba and wheat flour.

Sobagaki, soba flour and fish broth

The sobagaki in the photo above was made with fish broth instead of hot water (I know that you cannot tell the difference from its appearance). It has a much stronger flavor and doesn’t need to be dipped in soy sauce as it has a taste of its own.

If you have tasted soba noodles, don’t forget to try sobagaki the next time.