Japanese love to eat sashimi (raw meat)

Raw chicken meat, sunazuri (gizzard), and liver

Comparing from the food cultures abroad, we Japanese tend to eat food raw. Take eggs for an example. When I became an adult, I was surprised to learn that eggs were not eaten raw in countries abroad. Chicken meat is commonly eaten raw in Japan as well. Sunazuri (gizzard) has a crunchy texture, and the liver is soft. Both meats go well with sesame oil and salt as they are almost tasteless themselves.

Guess what this is!

It is not a fish but lives in the sea. It is savage and sometimes even attacks humans. However, its meat is very soft and does not have a strange smell like ammonia at all. The answer is a SHARK.

Tsubugai, whelk

Tsubugai (whelk) is a fist-sized shellfish which lives in the cold sea around the north part of Japan. It has a weak poison called tetramine in its salivary glands. The poison is properly removed and the meat is cut into small bite-size pieces. It has a firm, almost crunchy texture, and soy sauce enhances its umami.

However, eaten raw isn’t the only way that you can enjoy all of ingredients, boiled or baked is also an option. We enjoy different types of cooking, especially seafood, as Japan is an island country surrounded by the seas on all sides and has many kinds of seafood.