Kamo (duck meat) goes well with soba

Soba is the Japanese name of buckwheat, and it is also the name of soba flour noodles. Soba noodles are either served chilled with a dipping sauce (zaru-soba/tsuke-soba), or in hot broth as a noodle soup (kake-soba).

There are only negi and wasabi in the simplest dashi (tsuke-soba soup). When kamo is added to the soup, it enhances the taste into something that feels luxurious. The fat of kamo enriches the taste of the soup and you can enjoy the texture of the meat. Moreover, it has been said that kamo and negi are one of the best combination in Japanese cuisine. There is an old Japanese saying that kamo is carrying negi on its back, which means double stroke of good luck.