Sokisoba is a type of Okinawan soba with soki (pork spare ribs)


Soki-soba is a type of noodle from Okinawa, Japan. The noodles of Okinawa soba are made from wheat flour, eggs, and baking soda, while Japanese soba is usually made from buckwheat flour. The soup broth of Okinawan soba is made from pork bones, sliced dried bonito and dried konbu(kelp, seaweed).

Soki, pork spare ribs

“Soki” is pork spare ribs, especially the part between ribs and cartilage. It is boiled with awamori (Okinawan rice brandy), brown sugar, soy sauce, and fish broth until it becomes soft. Topping the soki over Okinawa soba, this is then sokisoba. The sweet and soft texture of the soki, the smooth feeling of the tongue of the noodles, and the mixed several kinds of umami in the broth provide delicious harmony.