Taiwan maze (mixed) -soba is a spicy hot ramen which originates not in Taiwan but Japan

Taiwan ramen in Misen

First, let me explain about the Taiwan ramen, which originated in Misen, a ramen shop, Nagoya, Japan. A Taiwanese owner of the shop invented an original very spicy ramen with lots of chilli pepper and minced meat, and it has become very popular among the people in Nagoya since 1970. Interestingly, there is no such ramen in Taiwan. However, people in Nagoya have misunderstood that ramen in Taiwan is very spicy hot, and the idea has spread all over Japan.

In 2008, a Japanese chef in Hanabi who had a ramen shop in Nagoya, invented the Taiwan maze soba. It has no soup. It has spicy hot minced meat, raw egg yolk, nori (seaweed), negi, and menma (baby bamboo) on top. It is all mixed up so that it’ll have a softer and milder taste than the Taiwan ramen. Because the Taiwan maze-soba is easier to eat, it became popular quickly all over Japan, while Taiwan ramen is still accepted only in Nagoya.

Taiwan ramen, Misen, Nagoya, Japan

Taiwan maze-soba, Aji10, Ozu, Ehime, Japan