Diary of a software start-up. Day 5.

That’s just a fruit!

It’s been a busy week so far. Since deciding and announcing I was ‘going for it’ my TO-DO list has become rather long. Sure, since I had the original idea a couple of years ago I had never stopped thinking about it and, in recent months, I had been thinking about it a LOT more but, thinking is very different from actually doing and there’s a little more to starting a business than putting up a holding page on the website.

It’s real!

The admin bits at this stage are pretty easy. Take registering a company. You don’t have to do it straight away but it only takes 5 minutes and I do it because it adds some ‘reality’ to the situation. It’s ‘doing’ rather than ‘thinking’, and, once you see it in black and white it’s a little exciting. I may have weed a little, although to be fair, I don’t know if that was from excitement or from the fact I am getting old and my bladder capacity isn’t what it once was. [let’s get back to the point shall we?]

Oh yes, sorry, I was saying; the [much] more difficult ‘stuff’ is suddenly realising you have to be prepared to explain to people what you are actually doing, when will it be launched etc. And, the first thing most people ask is:

What’s it called?

So — what do people think about the name ikooloo? I must admit I wasn’t sure when I came up with it. I came up with the name by listing all the active verbs that the software was helping with and just playing with them in google ikooloo is a play on two of these; the Hawaiian ‘ike’ (know) and ‘ulu’ (grow). Both of these words are part of what the software will do (help people know and grow their business). I have a long lost of names that didn’t make it and chose ikooloo having given myself a time limit to choose a name; thinking it would just be a placeholder. I then wanted an icon/graphic I could use and liked the idea of a target (again, something to do with the software) but went square rather than circular… I then showed the name and logo to my biggest critics. My two daughters, Emily aged 9 and Daisy aged 7.

They both saw it on the screen. ikoolooooo was how it came out from both of them, accompanied by a slight giggle. Emily liked the graphic and thought it looked a bit like an iPad/phone (which is good as that’s part of what ikooloo is also) so it stuck.

This morning (two days after first showing them the name/logo) I went into Daisy’s bedroom dressed in shirt and trousers and the conversation went like this:

Daisy: “Why are you dressed up like that?”
Me: “I have a meeting about work”
Daisy: “Are you the boss of that?”
(I’ll omit my wife’s laughter and remark that followed that).
Daisy: “Is that for ikooloooo?” 
HOLD THE FRONT PAGE — Daisy remembered the name— this is a girl who struggles to remember what day it is and she remembered the name. Hmmmm. Then Emily entered the conversation.
Emily: “I like that name. It’s much better than Apple. After all, that’s just a fruit!”.

And there you have it. ikooloo it is and here it is:

Finally, I wanted to say thank you for all the kind words about the new venture; please comment and let me know what you think about the name and pass on the link to the blog. Next time, I’ll attempt to answer the second question everyone asks:

What does it do?