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Ilahi Technologies’s Competitors, Growth and Future Plans

Ilahi Technologies being a Tech-based startup, it is obvious to have a great competition in the market. It is because of the edge to edge competition

existing in the market that the consumer gets a variety of choices for nearly equal qualities.

One can find ’n’ number of coders, mobile developers and enterprises providing analytical business solutions but what differs Ilahi Technologies from others is their constant innovation and affordable quality service.

From starting the business with zero funding, struggling on a half-cracked screen, working outdoors to possessing a fat bank balance, to owning multiple systems in the office and training more than 7 interns under them, Ilahi Technologies has come a long way indeed!

As of February 2021, Ilahi Technologies is working tirelessly on two upcoming projects aiming to Democratise water and

revolutionise two-wheelers, respectively. Shortly, Ilahi Technologies’s umbrella of solutions will widen up, providing the best of their services to the clients.



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