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Origin of Ilahi Technologies

“It was 1 at night, I’d still remember, I made a call to Sasidharan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and surprisingly he answered it, as he didn’t show up for the last few days. We started discussing our ideas and the call went for hours.”

Mohamed Ashic (CEO)

On a certain day, late at night, Mohamed Ashic felt gloomy and quite unproductive thanks to lockdown that the idea of commencing their own startup came up. Initially, the idea was about the product that is College Insider, now undertaken by Ilahi Technologies.

This is not their very first venture, an application named Masjid App was developed to experiment their skill, knowledge and its application.

In the earlier days, Sasidharan Sundaramoorthy (CTO) before the company came into existence worked hard ceaselessly on his small half-cracked screen. Working on a damaged device, where the one side was hardly visible, and followed by presenting the same screen to the prospective clients must be great. But he was unstoppable! Our CTO and CEO had a ritual of meeting sharply at 10 at night in the outdoors where they used to develop, find bugs and discuss code.

As of now, the business owns multiple wide screens systems to work on.

Today, the startup employs more than 10 innovators who differentiate in their domain of expertise.



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