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Virtual hiring went from good-to-have to necessity due to lockdown measures in 2020. In 2021, talent teams or HR teams as we call them have a sea of innovative recruitment strategies to transform their existing online recruiting processes into long-term strategies.

Ilahi Technologies have been actively recruiting interns in various domains in order to provide the best of their services to the clients. Platforms namely Internshala, LinkedIn, LetsIntern and Facebook proved to be efficient and quite fruitful so as to achieve access to a wide range of prospective interns all over India. These platforms grant access to the firms to let the interested users get informed regarding the company’s ongoing recruitment process.

But the procedure of virtual hiring is easier said than done! It takes weeks and months of hard work and determination to select that one capable employee amongst hundreds and thousands of applicants. The hunt which begins by posting a job description, handling resumes, shortlisting, engagement with applicants, their background checks, virtual interviews to the final job offer is an uphill battle.

And from an applicant’s point of view, Virtual hiring can be a challenge in terms of knowing the culture and values of the company where they are applying, as they can not experience it in person.

Recruiters often come across applicants trying to negotiate with companies policies, with some who casually applied for the job with no interest and also applicants who decide to drop off in the middle of the process. The procedure seems to be smooth, uncomplicated and trouble-free but it is rightly said...



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