God Tier: Facebook moms run the meme game
Nick Douglas

memef*ck’d meme, circa 2013

I enjoy experimenting with the medium, and using it to expose its own ironic edge. Quotations on social networks are symptoms of a disease that mimics communication, insight and intelligence… but delivers the ‘cut and paste’ opposites.

I am reminded of the ‘Hafiz’ poem about the Earth and the sun that presently adorns murals and memes around the world. And was not written by Hafiz. And is a lousy poem by an insane white guy who is angry that he isn’t considered a prophet.

Conspiracy theory, another form of social disease masquerading as advanced intelligence or even insight… is another target ripe for ‘analysis’.

Yet my favorite explorations involve taking something with real possibilities and ‘making it real’, ripping off the fairy-tale coating and getting at something that matters about relation, reality, learning or discovery…

Images with text can be a powerful catalyst for communication, discovery, actual discussion and intimacy… but only if we continually raise, rather than follow ‘the ever self-lowering bar’ of popular and public… hypno-mediocrity.