Each day is a complete cycle of birth, life, restriction, liberation, and death

Each day is a complete life. You will ‘die’ at the end, and may be ‘reborn’ the next morning. Maybe. But the thing you must realize is this: each day is a complete lifetime. What you become and do, where you depart nature, yourself and relation into fiction or function, fear, reaction, or inchoate mind — you will stage your futures.

All of them.

So each day ‘stages and instructs’ our resurrections, real or enfictioned. All that we do, we shall be prepared to deepen and repeat. In every place we avoid, we shall build lethal futures of repetitive forgetting. Each step up any actual ladder, becomes future progress in many invisible dimensions. Each stasis or fall, is amplified, defended, justified, excused, explained, and… generally… continued more furiously… during the next phase of emergence or repetition.

Here, then, is Hell. And here, Heaven.


Of course the same is true of any moment. But a day is complete. A complete cycle of birth, liberation or slavery, repetition of established themes and constructs, or awakening to and as intelligence. Then we die to the day.

Mayhap, to be reborn. Into a continuance of the general schema we have scripted and established… or, in intelligence and learning as we … achieve, rather than immortality… escape velocity from endless fictional identities, lies, lives and (too many) self-and-other-scripted deaths.

Emerge now. This day is your entire life.

Wait no longer.

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