The Deadliest Machine is Always Free

“Free Energy” would mean the end of life on Earth.

Machines are the explicit opposite of developmental evolution, and express a physical version of the liar’s paradox where the function tells you what success, meaning, value, or ‘development’ … ‘mean’. And this meaning ‘always appears perfectly true’, even though it ignores all context and nearly all domains of its actual existence and effect. This is an illusion where the precursors and assets that would “advance” our species intellectually, ecologically, relationally ( and correct and refine our relationships with technology so that they were intelligent rather than… apocalyptic ) produce only ironic results. The explicit opposites of their promises, advertisements and ‘achievements’. This activity hides this damage ‘where we do no accounting’. In nature, relation, our cultures… our minds… even our souls.

In the basis and developmental promise of our humanity and health.

With extremely few exceptions (when the accounting is done honestly), the human relationships with ‘machines’ accomplish the explicit opposites of what they promise. We habitually ‘hide’ these ‘burgeoning dimensions of damage’ with arguments about convenience or ‘new ways of doing something’. Or even ‘having it done for us’. But we all know the story of the child for whom everything is done. And what that becomes. And how, the moment that process begins… that creature starts to be stolen away into it, until there’s nothing there at all. A kind of ‘parasitic spectator’. No mind. No faculties. No relationships.

Hungers. For more. New more. Any cost. Every moment.

And somewhere new to ‘hide the damage’. And new forms of damage to hide. For cash. For a kick. For power.

For delusion.

Our relationships with machines and the paradigms that emerge in these relations deliver functions and convenience in one domain, while burning down seven others that soon become invisible. Those seven others are relationally and developmentally profuse. So what appears to be ‘a sudden gain in liberty, power, or ability to see or manipulate’… rapidly becomes the explicit opposite in all domains but the one ‘invented’ by the function of the device. We lose faculties and gain ‘conveniences’.

Deadly conveniences to those unable to use them in ways that resist the gravity of an abyss that is largely invisible to those who are not already ‘above’ or outside of it.

Due to the rapidly reorganizable aspects of our brains and bodies, metabolism and nervous systems, we remain — somewhat like children — biologically, metabolically, cognitively and behaviorally ‘impressionable’. The problem is that, in this corollary domain, we tend to receive only prefab, ‘spectator status’ imprints and schemas. In such circumstances, our developmental manifold (infinite degrees of liberty and imperative) ‘collapses’ into the developmental repercussions of mechanical relation. These are catastrophic in nearly every case — but it is not ‘one asset’ that collapses. Or even a collection of them. What collapses in our own ecologies, minds, bodies and cultures… is the entire domain of the possibility of generating and transforming, advancing and expressing developmental potentials and imperatives.

As this happens, catastrophic losses in the original potentials, faculties, and manifold itself appear ‘in cultural reality’ as machines. Machines are the actual symptom of these processes.

Our intelligences, faculties, humanity, future, and origins… our nature and relation… our developmental birthrights and the promise of our profound discovery and fulfillment of our relationships with each other and the history and future of life on Earth are being ‘dumped’ into machine production, relation, celebration, addiction, contagion, and replication.

These processes are consuming the history and future of life in Earth, along with our own minds and cultures, accomplishments and dreams… meanwhile, in domains we can and cannot detect… our “cultures” and our bodies are collapsing from the repercussions. Of representations. Instead of or informing relationships and our biology, directly.

And we cannot see this yet. We do not see that every action, just as in physics, requires an equal and opposite reaction. Unlike in physics, when we make machines, this ‘equal and opposite reaction’ explodes into new dimensions that we pretend do not exist. Biocognition. Origin. Intelligence. Relation. Biology itself. Ecologies we do not understand. Every move we make with machines is a nuclear bomb going off in dimensions it can invent, rather than just invade.

To every living system and ecology in nature, the human relationship with technology and the activity of machines is like a nuclear bomb that is wiping out biological time, development, embodiment, relation and context… in both directions in time, in more domains each moment, that will continue to explode into more and new kinds of damage in both directions…forever. The effect is unimaginable.

But what we are doing is not just shattering the web of life from which we emerge, we are obliterating its origins and futures in dimensions we are too preoccupied, strident, and ‘sophisticated’ to concern ourselves with. Problematically, our bodies and minds, our cultures and humanity emerge directly from what we are recursively slaughtering into technologies and commodities. This makes cancer or HIV look like a romp in a fantasy playground.

This activity is like a nuclear weapon that recursively invents new dimensions for its radiation to wipe out, forward and backwards in time. It is the opposite of a star, and far worse than a bomb. It is going off, right now, in every cell and organelle, bacterium, creature and virus on Earth. And we are insisting this is ‘progress’ and even ‘ascension’. Our relationship with representational cognition went haywire, and until we repair that… our machine-addiction represents ‘a fire’ at the origins and future of life on Earth. And our own minds, cultures… and potentials for humanity, community, or anything resembling actual intelligence.

‘Development’ for human beings is explicitly biorelational. Anything that replaces that with any other imperative is the opposite, and will produce machines like publishers print pages. The best developmental use of a machine is as an advanced prosthesis for those who have long previously discovered, mastered, exceeded and invented the imperatives of our place in the web of life, relation and intelligence. In general, until we develop the corrective intelligence necessary to survive the possibility of our material technologies, that must be the first and fundamental priority.

There is no machine that will solve any problem we presently face. Every problem we face is invented by our catastrophically primitive relationship with representational cognition, language, knowledge, and technology. Making more technology will, in every case, explicitly invent new domains of repercussion (most of them purposefully invisible to us). ‘Free energy’ would wipe out humanity and life in Earth in an unimaginably short time.

“The ‘Singularity” is a conceptual sting operation aimed at the obliteration of life on Earth, human intelligence, and its own origin. The biosphere produces ‘waves’ of ‘biorelational singularity’ that were the origins of our minds and intelligences. Had we not wiped that process out, we would recognize, experience, and ‘remember’ this. Those events advanced our species thousands of years in a decade — relationally, evolutionarily, conceptually, and ecologically. Then… we discovered machines, and began attacking the sources of our own minds, and these wave events, with ‘ideas about what progress looks like’. Those ideas are abstract. They are wiping out what they are pretending to exceed.”

Which means that, as an example, rather than ‘the promise of free energy’ which we would explicitly fail to survive, we need ‘the promise of actual intelligence’, with and for nature, each other, the history and future of life on Earth, and the promise and true responsibilities of a planetary intelligence of our momentous power and sophistication. The ‘promise of AI’ is as deadly as ‘the promise of free energy’, because you cannot give either of those to an idiot addicted to fictions and invented gods, imperatives, and affectations… without obliterating what remains of both humanity and the anciently conserved ecologies of our world.

The god-like solutions that technology promise are explicitly deadly in the hands of people too deluded to handle silverware or language without wiping each other and most of what moves off the map. We need the opposite of AI: we must turn around and develop the fundamental pivots upon which our intelligence and relation are either founded and advanced, otherwise they will continue to be ever more deceptively and compellingly counterfeited, advertised and sold back to us — as dead artifacts that mimic the faculties that underlie our origins, natures and humanity.

We cannot wait. Our time ran out long ago. If we are to respond effectively, it must happen now. Together. With and for each other — and the history and future of life on Earth.