Wrong Vehicle

The vehicle our technologies are chasing cannot be mechanically comprised. It turns out to be … that with which we imagine and assemble machines.

If you could (and you cannot) build a machine that is of the same ontological order as the mind, you would be able to travel instantaneously, physically, within timespace. You could literally achieve something analogous to a superposition over timespace and re-enter at any or multiple positions of unity ‘at once’ ‘within’ in timespace. In fact, this gesture, landing in distinct moments, minds, worlds and positions ‘at the same time’ yet ‘across multiple frames of reference’, would invest local reference frames with second-order unity. This is simultaneity. To understand this is the child’s first step in a form of travel that is the opposite of what we imagine. In time, physical reality, and space.

But if you build a machine like a car and attempt to cross timespace in it, you will fail. In more ways than are obvious. More ways than the physical. There is a catastrophic mismatch between the order of vehicle (its relationship with dimensionality) and the domain in which travel is intended. Merely mechanical vehicles do not exist ‘in the proper dimensions’ to traverse this domain.

While a car may be (crudely) useful for travel on the surface of a sphere, to travel in a transcendental membrane, you must have a vehicle of commensurate dimensionality. No ‘machine-box with things and creatures inside’ will suffice.

Since we cannot build a machine that is of the same order as even a gnat, or a mind, ever, we may wish to recognize that the vehicle we were endowed with is precisely the vehicle promised by our entire array of technological fictions; such that any perspective that admits them as interesting, useful, or ‘advanced’ will cripple our capacity to notice something vastly more provocative than the entire history of human technology and all of its future.

Our own bodies, minds and natures are the vehicle ‘we’ are attempting to simulate (certain utilitarian implementations of) with machines. And we cannot. So we are chasing a demonic illusion; the illusion of mechanical superpowers. But superpowers were never mechanical. They are biorelational.

The travel-processes I describe here sound like features of reality that might be discoveries of advanced alien species who could form superpositions over timespace.

You and I are that species.

More, still: there is no other species.

No Machines. Are. Necessary.
No Machines. Are. Sufficient.