Don’t Take it Personal, It’s Just Business: Part 1

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Hey y’all it’s Georgie and I am super scared of being on video I don’t know why i don’t like being on video so in order to train myself to be on video I’ve decided to start on a video series called don’t take it personal it’s just business what i’ll be talking, I’ll be showing some stories about how I took it personal way too many times but it was just really a business transaction and that happens sometimes in life as an entrepreneur I have to get used to that and um you know it’s it’s going to happen a lot of things are not personal at all is just business so I’d like to take you back to the year 2014 early 2015 where I had started doing websites professionally and was trying to get clients and people to do website for.

I had met this guy on Twitter he was one of my mentors, he was really cool very friendly let’s just call him Peter right I want to put nobody’s business out there, let’s call him Peter and so Peter had me do his website for him and he paid me and he became like a mentor to me and he’s like you know you’re doing great stuff you’re doing great work and I had other profile, portfolio items and so he said you know cool.

I’m gonna start recommending clients to you. And i’m like oh my god this is great not only did I do this guy’s website, now i’m going to get more clients and Peter was an influencer on social media and so you know, he knew a whole bunch of people, even just posting about it once could get me tens and hundreds of clients oh my God I’m about to come up, im bout to get this shmoney.

So Peter recommends his friend to be my client right, so to give you a little more context now on the website that I was having my portfolio I also had my blog, my personal blog at that time where my personal blog was really intimate i didn’t know who the heck was reading it. I got a decent amount of views, id talk about stuff like, entrepreneurship, being a mom, being a young mom, being a college student, so just very personal you know id mention my friends sometimes, and it was just a very personal blog.

So in between the time of Peter recommending a client for me and the client coming to review my portfolio to see you know is this a person that he wants to work with does he wanna hire me. so in between that time I had my friends over and it got late it was like 12 o’clock midnight and we decided that we wanted to remix a Nicki Minaj song I don’t remember what song it was but I know it had a lot of curses, i’m still trying to remember because i deleted the content, i don’t know where to find that right now.

You know midnight we decide to rewrite the lyrics, find the instrumental and then choreograph and record us our remixed rap of this song so that’s what we did and at 3 AM we published our remixed Nicki minaj song and I wrote about the process on my blog , how we came together, how we worked together, how we wrote out the lyrics, how we you know really focused and worked hard, i felt accomplished, felt me and my friends did something really cool, did something really great.

I posted this on my blog. Now Peter’s friend let’s call him Tim, Tim is now looking at my website and he comes to my blog and everything seems good portfolio, rates comes to my blog and he’s like there’s like a rap video where this person is cursing. So he reaches out to Peter and he’s like thanks but no thanks I’m not going to hire her. And because Peter being my mentor he was really transparent with me and let me know that you know the reason why I lost that job at the time was because Tim didn’t feel that my creativity, what i thought at the time was creativity, represented someone that he wanted to work with him, yeah and have represent the brand he wanted to be associated with.

I lost that job and I got really mad I was like. I listened to Peters advice as my mentor, I was like OK, ya know. But on the low i was like , who does this Tim think he is telling me who I can’t be on social media, its MY SOCIAL MEDIA, Its MY WEBSITE, you came to MY WEBSITE I was Madd. I was like this guy really thinks he can tell me who to be , how to be, what i can and cannot do, its cause I’m black! I was all up in my feelings and I came to the realization, now that im looking back, and also another friend of mine at the time a female of color who was also in the tech and entrepreneurship industry. She was like he’s kinda right you know, no one saying that you have to be someone else in public but you just have to be different versions of yourself in different places and we just have to realize that everyone is different some people have more conservative views, some people have more liberal views and just be respectful of their views.

I can’t get mad at Tim because he didn’t want to work with me that’s just his personality and I’ve had you know 10’s of 100’s well not hundreds, I’ve had many clients since Tim didn’t decide to work with me and those clients understand my personality they accepted me wanted to work with me for me and so you know it was just business and I took it way too personal. That’s just story number 1. I have a lot more to go.

The next story I’ll be talking about co-founders and a couple more times where I took business a little bit too personal. See you next Friday. Where I’Il do another video. Again trying to get my video skills up and poppin thanks for tuning in. And bye!

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