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4 min readSep 5, 2018

In 2015 I (Georgie) took a leap of faith with the goal of creating a community of innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs ready to learn and grow together. I launched Illicit Mind because as a young diverse entrepreneur I lacked the tools, network and support systems that were necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. After 3 years, what started as a 1 women operation, with much blood, sweat, tears and hard work has turned into something so much more.

We are extremely proud to say we have had the pleasure of working with some AMAZING team members, held over 60 events, engaged over 3000 innovators and have opened many doors for ourselves and our peers.

The road has not been smooth but it has been worth it. Along the way we have come across many problems that innovators face on a day to day basis. Ranging from access to financial and social capital, lack of diversity in tech, lack of community support, too many resources, and not sure how to execute their idea. We have tapped into solving each of these problems through our programming in various ways.

But with time things change. Illicit Mind has come to a point where in order for the team and work to grow and continue the company itself must come to an end. It saddens us to announce that we have decided to shut down Illicit Mind. The team will continue to work in the innovation, and impact space with a focus on helping diverse innovators succeed. This is not a good bye but a see you later.

Georgie, Pedro, John

A special note from John:

John, the CTO of Illicit Mind, is continuing his work of building with diverse entrepreneurs, products that put impact at the forefront of their mission. One part of this will be the continuation of the Build With, Not For podcast, where John along with Pedro Crespo will delve into topics facing the diverse entrepreneur today. Topics will range from technology, business, product development, user acquisition and many more of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. John and Pedro will discuss concepts taken from leading minds in entrepreneurship and explore how they can be implemented by the doer and hustler. The occasional guest will also join the podcast to give insights into their entrepreneurship journey, giving valuable knowledge from the trenches!

John will also be aiding and consulting teams looking to take their idea to the next level. If a team needs that extra set of eyes to help them get to the next level or merely needs advice on a specific topic related to tech or product development, John will be available for free consultations. If teams need more of a consistent presence to consult and guide them over a period of time John also will be offering consulting services. To get in touch with John you can reach him by email: or socials: Twitter @JRK18 LinkedIn:

A special note from Pedro:

Pedro Crespo, our CFO, will be returning to the world of real estate at brokerage firm, Triplemint. He will be helping individuals and families find their place in the beautiful metropolis of New York City. There he will assist with the full spectrum of RE activities such as Luxury Rentals, Buy, and Sales. Pedro, along with John Katt, will also be continuing Build With Not For podcast where they will be talking about the entrepreneurial journey that the trials and errors that most entrepreneurs face in their attempt to be their own bosses or change agents. He can be reached at: Twitter: @PedroICrespo

A special note from Georgie:

Georgie, the CEO and Founder of Illicit Mind plans to relaunch her GSD with Georgie brand. This will include a YouTube channel, webinars, digital content, classes, and coaching services. She has gained so much knowledge, connections and resources in the past years as an entrepreneur, mom, wife, student, and creative. It’s now time to share how she hacked both her personal and professional life to achieve work-life synergy. Contact me at ( My still forwards to me also). Or on social @georgiebehumble ( same for ig, fb, twitter) or

Before I go there are some people i’d like to say some thank you’s.

First, I thank god for giving me the strength to persevere and grow this company. Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me through this journey, Bryan, Cameron, Bryanna, Sharna, Julie, Andria, Christoff, Collin, Taniko, Marlene, Lorraine, Christina, Jadzia, and Shaina. Whether it was baby sitting so I could do an event or giving me a ride or coming to an event to help me. I really appreciate it.

Thank you John, Pedro, Marvin, Sidni, Tachand, Malcolm, Ofure, Kevin, Cassandra, Shellie, and Iain for the time you spent on our team.

Thank you Tanya Alvarez, Jan Baker, John Lynn, and Ron Summers for being a great board of advisers. Thank you Mita, Tani, Faith, TeLisa, Daniel, Kerry-Ann, Tiffany, and Tasha for your various support.

Thank you to all the coworking and offices that have housed our events such as WeWork, Startup Institute, Rise NYC, Digital Ocean, Impact Hub NYC , General Assembly and many more.

Thank you to everyone who has ever attended an event, been a speaker, a judge, a mentor, an advocate, and friend to Illicit Mind. If I didn't list your name directly I’m sorry but thank you !!

Thank you all for being a part of this crazy journey with me. The Illicit Mind book has closed but there is much much more ahead. Stay tuned 💖✌🏾

With Love and Gratitude,


I’m Out!



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