The Dreamland In A Sphere Called Earth

Chapters 21–25

Blurb- Rigel and his family are overly delighted about their lottery win. The lottery win takes them to places they’ve never been before and makes them make decisions with enormous implications, not only to their lives but to society as a whole. It is a story of choices, of decisions and results of those decisions.
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Mathematics, as it is believed, is the mother of all sciences. Presently, though it was subject to curses of over a billion people, including people on our beloved planet Earth. Of all people, perhaps David’s case is the most intriguing. Sitting on a strange land, performing one of the most dreadfully easy calculations, successfully, and still cursing with every last bit of breath he had, for no apparent reason.

His last breath of curse was met with a knock on his cabin’s door. And, he directed his curses at the new unknown enemy he just made. Still, having nothing else to do, he got up from his desk and opened the door after recognising the incomer as his trusted soldier. Please be good news.

‘Probably, sir, the person has arrived’

‘Okay, now come with me for a walk’

‘As you wish sir.’

They started to walk the corridor along a straight line and David stopped abruptly in front of a lavish room.

‘So, it’s been quite a few years since we met, I told you my secrets, confided in you and you paid me back. You did my work efficiently, and the work I started eleven years ago, is close to completion. You have been loyal my friend, so here’s your reward.’

David was now pointing directly towards the lavish room which the soldier immediately identified.

‘But sir, this belongs to someone who has also been loyal to you, and has been the brains of this plan, without knowing it.’

‘Belonged. Had. Come inside.’ This time a command, he had to follow.

‘How did this happen?’

‘Will tell you in a while, first let’s welcome our guest’, David replied nonchalantly to the death of his beloved secretory.


‘Before we get away, first tell me again, how you came back.’

‘Interesting, I thought you’d better live it.’

‘No, I have to be prepared’

‘Okay, listen very very carefully now. I was in the royal chamber of David and my parents in the other room, with Thomas, his assistant. Thomas, as it happens, is my father’s friend, thought to be abducted several years ago. So naturally, Thomas tried to help my parents. They escaped the palace and started weighing their options and Thomas got himself injured on the head and came running to the chamber, where he while informing David, threw a bunch of keys towards me. This was suspicious, so after I was locked I tried the key and the lock turned! And I fled, too. The last part, though, is very interesting and I won’t tell you, you have to experience it.’

‘Wonderful, are we all set?’

‘Yes, I guess so.’

‘What do we have?’

‘ A knife with both of us, rope inside the jacket, couple of sandwiches and water bottles in backpacks and an Iron rod with both of us. ’

‘The book?’

‘Yeah that too, but I’ve written it on a chit of paper’

‘Are you sure we can risk our lives on the basis of a book titled so dreamily, ‘the history of dreamworks’?’

‘This is our best shot mate and we have to do it.’



The master was watching the peculiar sphere that he held in his hands and was turning paler and paler with each passing moment. After he couldn’t take it anymore, he sat on his armchair and couldn’t help but wonder the consequences of the Earthican’s actions and the actions he must take, which of course were not plausible due to the law of nature, the most fundamental of bases this universe survives upon, that the creator mustn’t destroy his creation, although it had some exceptions which were unlikely to happen. But given the recent turn of events, anything was likely enough to happen.


‘Welcome Revant, welcome to my dreamland’

‘Who are you?’

‘You don’t remember me? Do you remember that you went to a restaurant yesterday?’

‘Yes, and I have a class in under two hours if you’ll excuse me.’

‘No I won’t’, David said, this time stern, ‘come with me and you’ll know soon enough who I am.’

‘But… But…’ A tense Revant was forced to the royal chamber by a group of soldiers and presently sat on a strange looking chair sofa.

‘So, Is your father’s name Jai?’

‘Yes and he’s dead. Why have you brought me here?’

‘Please listen to me, my name is David Arnold’

‘Are you…’

‘Yes, Yes I was your father’s young friend who disappeared into darkness after your father’s death’

‘Then why have you brought me…wherever this is?’

‘Look, this is my Dreamland, whether you believe it or not.’

‘And where is this Dreamland?’

‘Don’t bother yourself with it, just answer some questions for me. First off, wh…’ David was stopped short due to the hand of Revant raised firmly just off David’s head.

‘No, I can’t answer your questions here. First, get back to Manchester, then we can talk.’

‘You have to answer, then you are free to go anywhere you wish to.’ His voice was definitive, and Revant dreaded disobeying.


‘That’s better, now tell me how to genetically modify creature so that they follow our command.’

‘Strange, this is a new revelation but you’re a biologist, you should know it.’

‘Quiet. Answer what you are supposed to. Do not say anything other than that.’

‘Okay okay, we ha…‘

David was infuriated now, just when he began to extract some useful information, there was a knock on the door which amplified with each passing moment.

‘What’s it?’ David asked the exasperated soldier standing outside the door as he opened it.

‘Sir, Rigel’s back’

The words hit David like a chunk of rock, suspicioning Rigel to have brought some help but pushed his thoughts aside as he had missed some information.

‘… And he has a companion sir.’

‘Bring them to the court.’

‘Right away sir’

Meanwhile, Revant was wondering if this was the Rigel he thought he was but was locked now and couldn’t do anything even if he was.


A strange feeling of satisfaction struck the fast asleep master who got up to continue staring at the peculiar sphere.

Whereas in Manchester, an alarm clock was ringing for half an hour, in vain. It was the first time it had rung so long for anything but bedtime.

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