The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony — Secret #2 Answers The Question “What is p*ssing me off?”

A Guide to Freeing You to Create Your Life by listening to the messages from your body

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Are you in a state of denial? Perhaps even denying you should have incarnated?

This shadow is by definition a blind spot as you are unaware you are in denial!

What we are unable to see is that our lives are a series of reactions driven by our feelings. We want more of what feels good — joy, pleasure, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. And, less of what feels a challenge — anxiety, fear, sadness, cortisol, and adrenaline.

All of our actions in life are propelled by the desire for pleasure and avoidance of pain and suffering. It is a vicious cycle of craving and aversion.

This is more about emotion than sensation, though either way, our tolerance for dis-comfort is minimal. The wound of denial is the seed of addiction, relationship conflicts, disappointed love, people-pleasing behaviour, and unhealthy habits.

Welcome To The Domain Of The Sacral Chakra

The second chakra governs your ability to relate to other people and the world around you. It also helps keep your emotions and ability to cope with life on an even keel.

When your sacral chakra is blocked, you can become unemotional and experience uncertainty, insecurity, and an inability to flow with change — very relevant as we progress through the transition of the 2020s!

A lack of self-esteem or self-worth stemming from an imbalance, can also contribute to finding yourself in unhealthy, and sometimes abusive, relationships.

The weak flow of energy through the chakra making you feel you have no control over your life and are unable to take hold of the reins. Sacral chakra energy is directly related to, and is nurtured by, that of the root chakra.

Considered feminine in quality, sacral chakra energy — located in the lower abdomen — is what gives you the ability to be open with and nurture yourself and others.

Its element is water and as such, its energy is that of flow and flexibility. The function of the sacral chakra is directed by the principle of seeking pleasure.

This will be felt in the lower abdomen, exactly four fingers below the navel. Including the lower pelvis, womb, and genitals, it is formed by the lumbar and sacral nerves that supply the pelvic region and lower limbs. It is associated with our lymphatic system.

The sacral area is a powerful influence in our lives. It is about discovering relationships and exercising control of our external environment.

The sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana chakra in Sanskrit, represents the second chakra. It relates to emotional and sexual energy in the body and our ability to flow with change — very relevant as we progress through the 2020s!

The sacral area is a powerful influence in our lives. It is about discovering relationships, exercising control of our external environment and connection to intimacy. Being in partnership, or not when the wound of denial drives us to connect regardless of the emotional cost.

When in balance, you will feel empowered to take creative risks, embrace your sexuality, and be outgoing. No longer overwhelmed by life.

The Centre of Your Relationships

The second chakra is therefore at the core of our human experience.

It provides the system of value which means it is also dealing with issues of self-esteem, finances, relationships, and boundaries concerning friends, relatives, co-workers and even bosses. We show other people how to treat us and how we choose to extend our energy out to others.

Relationships are best known for holding up a mirror to ourselves. For they reflect back who we are, warts and all, and challenge us to be different. Though using relationships as the catalyst to effect what we call “growth”, is not for the faint hearted!

For such moments strip away all of the social niceties, the layers we have built to protect ourselves or others, the excuses and the rationalisations. Which is why it is called “The Naked Truth” because we expose ourselves to our sternest critic — ourselves.

The sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana chakra in Sanskrit, means “the dwelling place of the self”. Though some also say it has another meaning of “take pleasure in”. The chakra is coloured orange.

Sacral energy determines how money comes in and flows out again. Which means how well we breath into our lower abdomen is especially important for our financial future.

Illnesses that arise in the sacral link to the fear of being controlled by another or of losing control of others, your money, or your authority.

A lack of harmony in the sacral is likely to manifest in physical problems associated with the fluids flowing through the body. These include reproductive problems such as infertility, impotence, or menstrual issues as well as lower back, kidney, or stomach disorders.

Susanne´s Sacral

Susanne had been suffering for over a year with a sharp stabbing pain on her right side, just below the line of the belly button. She had been taking a digestive aid for a while, which helped, though the pain had not gone away and she had learned to cope with it.

We discovered the issue she had been carrying in her right side was a deep-rooted message to choose to be loyal to herself, her values, and beliefs rather than adopt those of others.

In pursuit of perceived safety, money and status, she had been compromising herself. Though she had established and grown her business, it was not generating enough profit to clear her credit card, her income tax and other debts.

Susanne was experiencing a conflict within herself. Her mind wanted her to take certain actions, yet another aspect had different motivations. The two were pulling in different directions.

Once in harmony, we could then address a linked belief that was constricting her throat — that is, not speaking her truth. She said it would take time to adjust because “being loyal to myself means doing things a lot differently than how I’ve been taught.”

Not long after, Susanne emailed to say she had received a refund from the IRS she knew nothing about and so started to reduce the debt. A few months later, she had increased her income, had sufficient monthly surplus to reduce her debts, and allocated every Friday as space for herself.

Which is why Secret #2 answers the question: “What is p*ssing me off?”

Quite often resolution is made more challenging because we need to address the most difficult of our relationships — that with ourself.

How to alter the apparent inherent conflict in relationships?

The Gift Of The Sacral Chakra Is Stillness

Two suggestions:

1. Build trust by only ever speaking your truth; and

2. Allow yourself to feel love when you give love rather than just when you receive it!

By speaking your truth you do not create internal conflict between your truth and seeking to please others. When there is conflict, a reaction is created to avoid or escape its dis-comfort.

Which means because it is impossible to change others, applying these suggestions you change your energy and therefore your response to them. Then harmony can reappear in your life.

That way you change your world and as every aspect of life is interconnected, so the collective matrix of all creation.

When we become still, we are no longer controlled by our fleeting feelings and sensations. In the stillness, energy is freed to create with intention. Whether we are creating new life, products, businesses, or movements, our creativity will be nothing less than a masterpiece.

Stillness also allows us to wait for the ideal partners to appear. Essential as we enter the Age of Aquarius with its emphasis on collaboration.

Two approaches to creating stillness are:

1. Acknowledge how you are reacting in your relationships. Scan them and identify all the ways you are seeking to please others, settling, walking on eggshells, or modifying your behaviour to protect them from their own pain and dis-appointment.

Once you become aware, then you can begin to effect transformation.

2. Train yourself to be the observer of events rather than caught in their energy. Be in Nature and/or train yourself to sit with dis-comfort by sitting still for a prolonged period.

Whether sitting by a tree or in your home, stay still and observe the sensations as they flow through you. When you cultivate stillness on the physical plane, it will affect everything.

Be The Energy You Want To Be

Susanne is an example of how everyone´s health is very dependent on our unconscious memories and information. From the moment of conception our unconscious, our Lifeguard starts recording everything that goes on in our world.

It cannot differentiate between the good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, toxic or beneficial. If it did then it would not be able to complete its prime directive of guarding us.

Rather all this information goes into building who we are. Unfortunately, most is not true, it is just an interpretation. One which then directs our lives.

For as Morgan Housel indicated:

“Your personal experiences make up maybe 0.00000001% of what’s happened in the world but maybe 80% of how you think the world works. We’re all biased to our own personal history.”

When an overactive sacral combines with a similar root chakra, it is extremely hard to accept rejection. Instead becoming too overly attached to other people, especially when it involves romantic relationships.

You can assist bringing balance to your sacral chakra by:

Connecting with the element of water: drink water, swim, take a soothing bath.


Wear the colour orange.

Move and stretch your hips.

Have you ever noticed how one vibrational frequency of a clock, bell or instrument will change the resonance of those around it, so they become synchronised?

People are no different. When you are vibrating at a high frequency, those around you will start humming along at a higher frequency too! This of course works in reverse should you allow it. Which is why YOU want to embody the strongest energy in your environment.

For further understanding of the message your sacral chakra is sending you, I have placed on YouTube a short video about Secret #2ready to relate?

Each of The Seven Secrets´ chapters can help you identify the nature of your message as well as the underlying emotions generating stress in your body.

Then you will be on your path to create what you desire in your life. Your sacral will tell you whether or not you are aligned with the creativity your soul desires to seek out the opportunities available in the world around you.

Reminding you of this quote by Joe Rogan:

“There’s a direct correlation between positive energy and positive results.”

This energy centre is found on Mother Earth at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Peru.

Please DO share and pass this story to others you love.

To Listening To The Messages From Your Body

The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony” is available for purchase by clicking on the title.

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aka the Shamanic CEO, I am a Creator, International Best-Selling Author and Shaman. My diverse background includes being the CEO of a public company and coaching fledgling businesses as well as international executive teams such as IKEA.

My passion is using my skills and wisdom to inspire those who have what the world deems as “success” and yet their life does not feel free or fulfilled. Using my awareness and connection as a Shaman to free their soul and values so they can accelerate their life and business.

To assist you to shift your beliefs about being the Master Of Your Life, download a copy of my latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life”.



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