The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony — Secret #5 Answers The Question “Why do I have trouble speaking up?”

A Guide to Freeing You to Create Your Life by listening to the messages from your body

Our bodies are the means by which we live and therefore reflect how we are living in any given moment.

It is not uncommon for people who need to change a fundamental principle of the way they live to break a bone, thereby literally changing the structure by which they live their life.

Conversely, when you release the desire to express your voice and the burning passions that make you feel alive, that is when you are in your power.⁠

Who Controls Your Life?

This will make rational thought and mental clarity less accessible, whilst heart awareness and sensitivity to the accelerating energies of this moment become more evident.

A large part of the habits and beliefs we have about food, our health, and our lives were imprinted into our minds in our early years. And then there are those we assume from our ancestors!

When you try fighting the actions you are programmed to carry out, it creates stress and confusion in your brain.

Your beliefs determine what and how you speak — to please others or to be authentic to yourself?

A stiff neck can reflect your belief you are unheard of or invalidated.

Rounded shoulders can be about overly focusing on making things happen or what is directly in front of you like a mouse focused on food. Standing straight requires us to acknowledge all that we are and all which is around us, for better or worse.

It is your unconscious mind which plays a key part in determining whether we speak our truth. Or, not!

Are you consciously exercising your will or are you allowing your programming to do so for you?

To take command of your will and maintain it against the controlling influences of others, of your fears and all the illusions that influence us, is the real meaning of being in your power. To speak your truth.

To be free of any pain or discomfort, to change the world in which you live, you must first address what is directing your actions — the beliefs of your unconscious mind.

That is the only way to lead the life you desire as you speak your truth.

Once you listen to your body´s message and accept the lesson it is offering, limiting beliefs of the unconscious mind can be freed.

Ready to Speak Your Truth?

What you say has an impact. It is part of bringing thought into form. This is why our spoken words have a powerful influence on the events in our life.

Most relationships flounder because there is no truth or trust. Tony Robbins in his blog refers to creating this truth as being prepared to step into your pain.

In doing so you are exercising your will to take charge of your choices, rather than allowing your habits and beliefs to do so.

Humanity as a whole though has not been taught to be authentic with their words. They have not always been taught to be considerate with their words either.

One of the indicators of not speaking your truth is problems with your mouth, in particular the teeth.

The energy of your throat radiates down to your heart and up towards the third eye. It governs the regions of the thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue, and larynx.

The throat is the influencer of communication through self-expression, creativity and truth. When in balance, this energy vortex is a powerhouse of transformation and purification. For this you must speak with love and kindness.

To be open and aligned in the fifth chakra is to speak, listen, and express yourself from a higher form of communication. Faith and understanding combine the essence of the Vishuddha chakra meaning. The element corresponding to the fifth chakra is Air, and the sense is hearing, with its colour being blue.

The throat is where we take in the nourishment or abuse we put into our bodies. It is also where we bite off more than we can chew.

It is through the use of our throat we make life harder than it has to be.

The Message from My Throat is….?

In addition to carrying our regrets, we use the throat to express how much or how little we will do about ourselves and the world around us.

The throat is where we manage how much of a Doing we are versus how much of a Being. It is where we exercise control over our feelings, clenching our teeth against the wail which is attempting to burst out. It is the point at which we purge all we need to be rid of without being processed.

This reminds me of this quote by Henry David Thoreau:

“It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak, and another to hear.”

The throat is the first of the three spiritual chakras. It is also an important pathway for the lower chakras to connect to the upper energy points, assisting with the flow of energy throughout your body. Or, not when it is blocked.

The throat and back of the neck represent more than not speaking; they also have the quality of communicating in the broad sense of listening and understanding. When afraid to speak up and say what you want or feel, you might often suffer from a sore throat or feel like your throat is blocked, causing choking.

When necks are out of alignment, disks can be crushed or even disintegrate, bones can fracture, joints can disconnect or freeze. Each is an interaction with the flow of energy through your body.

Also. the throat is the connector between your thoughts and emotions. It is the gateway for you to express your truth in a proactive and compassionate way.

Which if you are not, then you probably will not express what you deserve or value for yourself in terms of money.

Angelica and Her Neck

I met Angelica at a workshop and quickly learned she suffered from neck pain. Often, being unable to move it in a normal arch due to the intensity of the pain.

However, she had told her doctor two days before she was due to undergo an operation she would not go ahead with it. She was unsure why other than perhaps a fear of something going awry.

The family was important to Angelica. So was physical fitness ever since she played street games in the Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn where she grew up. Despite going to church every Sunday, she had chosen to look beyond its teachings for understanding and guidance.

Her search for self-knowledge was also creating a conflict of understanding with members of her family. She did not express this, instead held it tight; she did not want to upset her good relationships with her family.

The neck provides support for our thoughts, perceptions, and creativity. It creates the structure for our voice to resonate in the world and our perspectives to be heard. Reflecting the stress we feel as we attempt to navigate life and its complexity.

When we met again over a year later, Angelica said her neck was only painful when she allowed a family member to step over her boundaries. For the throat, she knew she could make and speak up about her own choices. Her real estate work had grown effortlessly, leading to creating a new business.

Welcome To The Domain Of The Throat Chakra

In addition to issues with the throat, voice, and mouth, symptoms of dis-harmony include hyperthyroidism, chronic sore throat, ear infections, physical and mental exhaustion, gum difficulties, scoliosis, laryngitis, swollen glands, nervousness, colic, upper back pain, high blood pressure, mouth ulcers, and hyperactivity.

To help understand the message your throat is sending you, I have placed on YouTube a short video about Secret #5ready to communicate your truth?

When your throat chakra is imbalanced or blocked, it can be difficult for energy to flow in the area — causing issues such as:

  • difficulty expressing your thoughts
  • feeling timid or shy
  • talking without thinking
  • dishonesty
  • insensitivity
  • insecurity
  • social anxiety
  • talking all the time/not knowing when to stay quiet
  • inability to speak up, set boundaries, or stand up for yourself

In The Tipping Point Of Change Is Looming, Are You Ready To Act? I reviewed two models to create insights as to the swirling mists of the current transition.

One of models was that of the chakra system, though applying it to humanity´s evolution. The story outlines how in the 2000s, the explosion of the internet and social media provided everyone with “the means to express themselves through many channels of communication.”

Adding that “Humanity is currently transiting from the throat to the third eye chakra, from isolation and separation to the unity of connection”

Making this quote by Adrian Rogers most insightful:

“It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error. It is better to speak the truth that hurts and then heals, than falsehood that comforts and then kills.”

So, join the delicate dance between saying what you mean and staying tactful or diplomatic

Our bodies are the means by which we live and therefore reflect how we live in any given moment.

This energy centre is found on Mother Earth at a combination of three sites: Pyramid of Giza, Egypt; Mount Sinai, Egypt; and Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel.

Please DO share and pass this story to others you love.

To Listening To The Messages From Your Body

The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmonyis available for purchase using this link

Reviews from various countries can be read here.


aka the Shamanic CEO, I am a Creator, International Best-Selling Author and Shaman. My diverse background includes being the CEO of a public company and coaching fledgling businesses as well as international executive teams such as IKEA.

My passion is using my skills and wisdom to inspire those who have what the world deems as “success” and yet their life does not feel free or fulfilled. Using my awareness and connection as a Shaman to free their soul and values so they can accelerate their life and business.

To assist you to shift your beliefs about being the Master Of Your Life, download a copy of my latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life”.



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aka the Shamanic CEO, Creator and Best-Selling Author. My calling is to guide all to live a life of fun and joy as we journey through this period of transition.