The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony — Secret #6 Answers The Question “How do I achieve clarity and focus?”

A Guide to Freeing You to Create Your Life by listening to the messages from your body

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Have the events of 2021 on and the speed of change meant you see life through a mental fog? Unable to even gain focus and clarity? Or, feeling that life is leaving you behind, though do not know what to focus on or do differently?

Is this the same for your business and your personal life?

What is it you are going to focus on to bring joy into your life?

Where Did Your Clarity And Focus Go?

It is strange to watch this continual failure to start, let alone achieve their desires. To me it is akin to watching a confused mouse wander down the same path in a maze again and again. Never making any progress.

2022 of all the years we experience is the one where clarity and focus are most essential. For the seeds being planted now will determine the nature of your life for at least the rest of the decade.

Why does this happen?

Well, we become excited about setting the outcome. Thinking “This is the moment! I am really going to make it this year!”

Then… life happens.

And in the midst of the chaos the outcome or objective we have set is forgotten — “out of sight, out of mind”?

When you forget to focus on what it is you desire, then you slowly stop completing the daily habits that will carry you there.

Achieving your desired outcome is as simple as staying FOCUSED on it, and having CLARITY as to the actions needed to reach it.

John Assaraf of NeuroGym covered this in a blog post →> Go Here To Learn How To Stay Focused On Your Goals <<

This innercise uses insights set out by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. The book provides a series of principles that highlight the power of personal beliefs and the role they play in success.

The first being the need to master the limiting beliefs which stand between you and the clarity and focus needed for your success.

Secondly we all are seeking to access the insights of our inner knowledge, inspiration, and true mission.

Did you know your body has the answers as to “How do I achieve clarity and focus?”

Heard of the third eye?

Welcome To The Domain Of The Third Eye Chakra

It is located between your eyebrows, just above the bridge of your nose. The third eye chakra or ajna is the sixth of your seven prime chakras. The Sanskrit name translates to “perceiving” or “command”, which is fitting as this chakra is responsible for how you perceive your world.

Responsible for the link between your mind and the outer world, it embodies your ability to see both your inner and outer worlds. Allowing you to experience clarity of thought and self-reflection.

The third eye allows for clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection. It is the highest chakra in the physical body, so offering a visionary perspective. The third eye also helps to determine your reality and beliefs based on what you choose to see in this world.

The third eye primarily has to do with clairvoyance; as a result, the concept of the “sixth sense,” or strong intuition, came from this chakra.

What we know as psychic information is processed through the third eye. Which converts it into forms providing us with personal meaning and context.

When this chakra is blocked or underactive, it can adversely affect your ability to concentrate, process information, or remain calm under pressure. Often resulting in a fear of the unknown.

This lack of a sense of purpose could manifest in issues of not seeing or hearing clearly, namely:

  • confusion
  • uncertainty
  • cynicism
  • lack of purpose
  • pessimism

The third eye is associated with: the brain, forehead, brow, eye, nose, pineal and pituitary glands, and the carotid nerve plexus. Hence why apart from issues with the brain, physical symptoms often include the ears, eyes, and nose.

One of the most unpleasant being cluster headaches.

My prod to write this story? Not seeing clearly a barrel of olives we had picked and tripping over it!

The Dreamer is Always Greater than The Dream

When this chakra is in overdrive, you feel as though you are lost in an endless fog of nonsensical information and vision. Indulging too much in the continuous distractions of the fantasy world. Losing touch with focusing on the actions needed to bring you more into this physical world.

The sixth chakra is the means to perceive the more subtle qualities of reality. It goes beyond the physical senses into the realm of subtle energies. Awakening your third eye, allows you to open to an intuitive sensibility and inner perception.

As the most perceptive part of the human body and spirit, it governs self-awareness, higher wisdom, visualisation, clarity, discernment, imagination, and creative dreaming.

It is also associated with accelerated spiritual growth, positive attitudes, and a more generous and humanitarian attitude towards life.

The sixth chakra has a feminine energy and is coloured indigo, also known as Royal Blue. Each of the seven prime chakras is also present on Mother Earth. The third eye changes location with each astrological age.

For this Age of Aquarius, it is laying with the heart chakra at Glastonbury, England.

The third eye symbolises deep inner knowing and wisdom. As your sixth sense, it helps you remember the dreamer is always greater than their dream.

The sixth chakra resonates with the pineal gland, which controls your bio-rhythms — including your waking and sleeping patterns. To help understand the message your third eye is sending you, I have placed on YouTube a short video about Secret #6 — enjoying clarity and focus?

When there is a lack of harmony in the indigo chakra, you suffer from poor memory. Also having difficulty in thinking abstractly or in using symbolic thinking.

You feel stuck in one truth or reality, and lack imagination. You can also be insensitive and demonstrate sociopathic behaviour.

Some Ways to Achieve Alignment Are…

It will also be hard for you to visualise yourself enjoying more money. Unable to foresee what you are able to do with it; including helping others in need.

When your sixth chakra is aligned, it gives you the ability to self-reflect and to not only see the world, to also understand it. Empowering you to connect to and live from your core, rather than your conditioning.

Then the third eye chakra trades typical black-and-white or “me versus them” thinking for wider perspectives and interconnectedness. It creates the sense of collaboration which is at the core of this Age of Aquarius.

To quote Deepak Chopra:

“If your goal is clarity, set aside the thoughts and sensations that fill your mind every day. Focus instead on the goal of finding clarity.

Confusion is solved by getting your priorities straight.

Distraction is solved by getting better at focusing your attention.

Disorganization is solved by throwing out non-essentials and tending to the important things first.”

To steer your way successfully through the opportunities of 2022 and beyond, clarity and focus are essential.

To lead your true mission you need to have clarity and focus or else it may pass you by in the distractions of life! My desire is to help all to live their life of purpose, The Seven Secrets will help you achieve that, and your daily practice! Mine is set out in The Seven Secrets.

Blockage of the third-eye chakra appears through troubles to trust your inner voice and access your intuition, to remember important facts or to learn new skills. What is typical for this chakra, when the lower ones — root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras are misaligned, it is most probable this one will also not be balanced.

Achieving Clarity And Focus In Your Third Eye

This mis-balance may cause you to act dismissively, to be more judgemental and to turn into yourself. There is also a wide range of physical manifestations associated with the third-eye chakra’s blockage, including dizziness, headaches and issues with brain health.

Balancing and aligning your chakras is a regular and sometimes daily activity to explore. Four steps to assist you to do so, are:

  1. Open up to Wisdom — Opening yourself up to new ideas and understanding can help restore the harmonious flow of energy in your third eye. Try reading new books with different perspectives, and take time to journal your own thoughts.
  2. Be in Nature — The third eye is highly influenced by the element of light. This is not limited to light from the sun, that from the stars and the moon is included.
  3. Physical Activity — Yoga is a paramount tool in bringing balance to your third eye chakra. Yoga poses for the third eye chakra should focus on inversions to help bring balance to your third eye chakra.
  4. Meditation — Meditation plays an important role in restoring balance to your chakras. Chakra meditation techniques are similar to traditional meditation techniques, only they focus on each of the specific area of the body associated with each of The Seven Secrets.

When your third eye chakra is balanced, it gives you the ability to self-reflect and to see the world as you understand it.

In The Tipping Point Of Change Is Looming, Are You Ready To Act? I reviewed two models offering insights as to humanity´s evolution.

With regard to that of the chakra system, my story outlines how:

“Humanity is currently transiting from the throat to the third eye chakra, from isolation and separation to the unity of connection.”

Hence the importance of clarity and focus as this new era unfolds.

So please DO share and pass this story to others you love.

To Listening To The Messages From Your Body

The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmonyis available for purchase using this link

Reviews from various countries can be read here.


aka the Shamanic CEO, I am a Creator, International Best-Selling Author and Shaman. My diverse background includes being the CEO of a public company and coaching fledgling businesses as well as international executive teams such as IKEA.

My passion is using my skills and wisdom to inspire those who have what the world deems as “success” and yet their life does not feel free or fulfilled. Using my awareness and connection as a Shaman to free their soul and values so they can accelerate their life and business.

To assist you to shift your beliefs about being the Master Of Your Life, download a copy of my latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life”.



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