10 Lifestyle Habits Successful People Have In Common

But not always, it’s the same case in all

Jesús Salazar
Sep 4, 2020 · 8 min read
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Generating wealth is the desire of many people, it is one of the most sought after topics on the internet. The well-known phrase “How to get rich” generates in Google about (1,340,000,000) results. There are thousands of tips related to this topic.

And we all know that in practice generating wealth requires time and smart decisions, in many essential aspects of life.

But according to a man who interviewed hundreds of self-made millionaires, getting rich also means maintaining certain lifestyle habits.

Tom Corley, an accountant, and financial planner interviewed 233 wealthy people, mostly self-made millionaires, about their daily habits. Corley compared those responses to the responses of 128 people with the lowest incomes or with less than $ 35,000 in gross annual income.

In his best-selling book “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life,” Corley explains that rich people set themselves up for success in several specific ways.

Here I show you the 9 lifestyle habits that Corley mentions in his book and I added 1 more for a total of 10 lifestyle habits, which have been the key to the success of many millionaires.

These are the habits they have in common:

1. They get up early in the morning.

According to Corley’s research, he mentions in his book that 50 percent of self-made millionaires got out of bed at least three hours before their workday began. Many of them use their free time to tackle personal projects, plan their day, or make time to exercise.

“Getting up at five in the morning to tackle the top three things you want to accomplish in your day allows you to regain control of your life,” he writes. “It gives you a sense of confidence that you really control your life.”

Alexis Ohanian

Reddit co-founder and husband of Serena Williams gets up at 10:00 a.m. However, it limits the time you spend in front of the screen when you lie down. “I try not to have the computer in the bedroom,” he told Fast Company. “However, I used to sleep with him. I used to wake up with my laptop.”

2. They read a lot

In the Corley survey, a whopping 88 percent of the wealthy surveyed say they spend 30 minutes or more each day on education or self-improvement through reading.

Research says that most do not read for entertainment; they prefer biographies, history, and self-help books.

Being able to read stories of other successful people is one of the ways to boost your motivation. “There are important life lessons to be learned from the biographies of people with stories from poverty to wealth,” he writes.

Legendary investor and billionaire Warren Buffett says reading has been the most important habit he has developed.

Kanye West

Yeezy may be the co-author of “Thank You and You’re Welcome,” but he notes that he typically stays away from books.

“Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed,” he told Reuters in 2009. “I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books. I like to get information from doing stuff like actually talking to people and living real life.”

3. They spend 15 to 30 minutes a day concentrating on thinking.

Many of the self-made millionaires Corley interviewed said they take the time to process everything that is happening in their lives.

“The rich tend to think in isolation, in the morning,” he writes, “and for at least 15 minutes every day.”

They will often reflect on their career, health, and personal relationships. Having a quiet moment to analyze your thoughts is associated with reducing stress.

In fact, taking two minutes at work to focus on nothing but breathing will help you relax, a Harvard-trained physician told CNBC.

George Foreman

This heavyweight champion was plagued with financial problems when his boxing career lost steam in the late 1970s. Naturally, the money stopped coming and he was overwhelmed by credit card debt and unpaid loans.

Apparently. George Foreman doesn’t take many moments to think; How to manage your finances correctly?

4. Make exercise a priority

Exercising regularly clears your mind and makes you feel more motivated, studies show.

According to Corley, 76 percent of those surveyed spend 30 minutes or more on aerobic exercises like jogging, biking, or walking every day.

Many successful business leaders make sure to exercise. Billionaire Richard Branson, for example, says his morning routine of getting up at 5 a.m. to play tennis or ride a bike has doubled his productivity.

Angelina Jolie

She says I’ve always liked running and jumping alone and being physical, but she doesn’t set aside time to exercise.

5. They spend time with people who inspire them.

“She’s just as successful as those with whom she frequently associates,” says Corley.

If you don’t have highly motivated people in your personal network yet, fear not. Millionaire self-made volunteers, which is a great way to meet other positive and motivated people. You can also join groups of people who share your career or personal interests, suggests Corley. Then build the relationship by staying in touch.

And be picky about who you spend your time with. “[Successful people] also strive to limit their exposure to negative and toxic people,” says Corley.

Syd Barrett

The Pink Floyd genius who retired at 32 and lived with his mother. Known for … Being the singer and songwriter of the songs on Pink Floyd’s first album, The Piper at the gates of dawn (1967). Considered one of the heights of psychedelic pop, Barrett (Cambridge, 1946–2006) left the band after that first album.

Barrett left the music industry in 1972 and retired permanently in 1978 (aged 32), keeping his privacy strictly until his death in 2006 from pancreatic cancer.

6. They pursue their own goals

Most of the self-made millionaires plan to get rich and then make it happen, according to Corley’s research.

Many are “obsessed with pursuing goals,” he writes. They refer to both daily and long-term goals regularly.

“I’m here to tell you to avoid putting your ladder on someone else’s wall and then spending the best years of your life climbing it,” says Corley. “Find your own wall, your own dreams, and your own goals, and pursue them.”

Chris Clark

Whoever first thought of a website about pizza

In 2008, the owner of a software company made headlines for the incredible sum he made from the sale of a website.

Chris Clark paid $ 20 for the pizza.com domain in 1994 when the internet was in its infancy. Fourteen years later, he decided to auction it off. And to his own surprise, he obtained the sum of US $ 2.6 million.

7. They get enough sleep

If you also function better when rested, Corley has good news. Albert Einstein reportedly preferred to sleep at least ten hours a night.

An overwhelming 89 percent of self-made millionaires sleep seven to eight hours each night or more.

“Sleep is critical to success,” he writes, citing its effects on memory function and creative thinking.

Silvio Berlusconi

His case is striking Berlusconi, the most powerful person in Italy for 20 years, in which he was Prime Minister on three different occasions. He barely sleeps between two and three hours.

8. They have multiple incomes

“Self-made millionaires don’t depend on a single source of income,” says Corley. “They develop multiple streams.”

So how many sources of income do they have?

“Sixty-five percent had at least three income streams that they created before they made their first million dollars,” Corley says, such as a side business or income-generating investments like REITs or real estate.

“Diversifying your sources of income allows you to weather economic recessions that inevitably occur,” he writes.

9. Avoid wasting time

Money is not the only important resource for rich people. Timing is also crucial.

“When we invest our time in something, it is lost forever,” Corley writes.

Be selective about the apps you spend your time with as well, rather than spending hours and hours watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram.

“When you see time as the biggest risk of all, it forces you to be more aware of exactly how to spend your time,” says Corley.

Here I cannot mention any in particular, but I can deduce that, for example, there could be many famous singers, who after their first musical success, went to live on an island to enjoy their royalties.
Possibly surrounded by friends to help you spend all your money.

10. They give away money to help others

A new Forbes list is different because it ranks the donors based on how much of their money actually reaches the people who need it, as opposed to being pledged to the billionaire’s own charitable foundations.

The list also includes how much the philanthropists have given, as a percentage of their net worth. On that ranking, Duty-Free Shoppers’ Chuck Feeney comes out way on top, having given away practically all of his fortune on his mission to “die broke.”

Here’s a brief introduction to the Top 5 Philanthropists, including the sustainable development issues that they care about most.

American business magnate Buffett has given away $14.7 billion (16.3% of his current net worth) in the past five years, particularly focusing on health and poverty alleviation — channeling a lot of donations into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The co-founders of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — the world’s largest private charitable foundation — have given away $9.9 billion (9% of their net worth) to support causes such as economic development, health care, and education. According to Forbes, the Gates Foundation has distributed $50 billion in grants since 1994.

One of the most generous donors in terms of his net worth, the Hungarian-American investor has given 37.4% of his wealth — totaling $3.1 billion — to promote human rights and economic development in Eastern Europe through his Open Society Foundations.

The businessman and former New York City mayor have given $3 billion dollars, or 5% of his net worth, to help promote public health and gun control, as well as to combat climate change.

The Walton Family Foundation was launched by Walmart founder Sam Walton and his wife Helen. In the past five years, they’ve spent 1.3% of their net worth — spending $2.3 billion — primarily funding efforts such as the building of charter schools, and backing new schooling and testing models.

We can admire these rich and famous people who give part of their fortune to help others.

You already know that not all are the same, nor do they have the same stories, but they did achieve success.

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Jesús Salazar

Written by

Late night writer🌙 Internet enthusiast 💻 Active reader 📖 Researcher 🔎 Bibliophile 📚 “Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun” —Albert Einstein 💡


Outstanding stories objectively and diligently selected by 40+ senior editors on ILLUMINATION

Jesús Salazar

Written by

Late night writer🌙 Internet enthusiast 💻 Active reader 📖 Researcher 🔎 Bibliophile 📚 “Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun” —Albert Einstein 💡


Outstanding stories objectively and diligently selected by 40+ senior editors on ILLUMINATION

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