4 Important Decisions That Need to Make Sense Only to You and No One Else

Ever tired of having the same discussion over and over and reaching the same conclusion?

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Have you entered into a verbal contest with your parents and experienced a deja-vu? The moment where you realise you have reached the same conclusion with a similar discussion before more than once.

A similar situation cropped up when I came to my home town, and my father asked questions to gauge my maturity.

There were several questions that I didn’t answer and in the end when he asked the reason, I told him, “I have already told you the answer. You didn’t understand then. You won’t understand now.”

You’ll also face many confrontations with your family, friends, partners and even in your workplace where you’ll want to explain your viewpoint to the second person or group.

But there are some cases when your decisions don’t need a justification to prove their value. Here are four of them:

#1. The quality of your job.

You have the power of choice to do whatever feeds your soul.

My dad isn’t happy with the path of content creator I’ve chosen. He says it will take forever to make a living as a writer online, and I’ll be better off with a corporate or government job. He even told me to work as a peon for security.

But here’s the situation of our generation Z. You have the power of choice to do whatever feeds your soul. Making money on the internet is not rocket science, but it is not child’s play either.

I’ve explained my career decision to him, but now I don’t do it anymore because his self-righteousness has blinded him to even consider my perspective.

#2. Your relationship preference.

Changing someone’s mind is way harder than not letting them be a distraction.

Except for your partner, nobody would be affected significantly by the decision you make as a couple. It’s true for moving in, marriage and the discussion about kids.

I rarely have relationship discussions with my friends because we have more important concerns in our life.

But when it comes to family, my dad wants me to get married as fast as possible.

I have explained him in the past too, and if you can’t change anyone’s mind, then don’t.

Because changing someone’s mind is way harder than removing them from your path of choice. By removing, I mean not letting anyone interfere in your way of life. I do this by staying living away from my hometown.

#3. How you interact in socials.

Tell an extrovert that being an introvert is a thousand times better. A wise person wouldn’t enter into a pointless discussion justifying the existence of a particular personality type.

Some of my friends have even told me to talk less or appreciate the introvert side more. But as I said, no personality is right or wrong.

Whatever is your preference regarding social interaction, you do you if it serves you.

#4. How to live your life.

Life is a reality to be experienced, not a game to be won.

I put this question at the end because I see my friends asking how I live so freely. When I point out the tough choices I made to attain a life of independence, they shrug and bolt like Sonic The Hedgehog.

I’m learning not to share a lot with people with time if they’re not open to listening.

I write self-help articles but they don’t serve as a medicine for life. That’s because life is a reality to be experienced, not a game to be won.

An author can tell you only what he has learned from experience. Since I haven’t seen many hardships, I don’t tell people to get their shit together.

Wise humans only give solicited advice and also with the experience to make their opinion worth hearing.

Final words

I come to my hometown two times a year, but I don’t think this frequency is increasing anymore.

There are problems in every family and if I were a family therapist, I would have even told you to get in touch with me before starting this article.

But since I’m a Millenial like you who is figuring out life, I found out some questions whose answers will be satisfactory to you but won’t make sense to the people around you.

Stay strong with your attitude and don’t let anyone misguide you in a direction if they don’t know what’s going in your life.

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Sanjeev is a writer, mentor and recovering shopaholic from India. He writes about lifelong learning, personal growth, and positive psychology. When he’s not busy with his muse, he’s sweating either in a workout or badminton. He also chronicles his writing and fitness journey on Instagram. He shares daily inspiration with #ThoughtForTheDay on Twitter.



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Sanjeev Yadav

Sanjeev Yadav

Writer • Mentor • Recovering Shopaholic • IITR 2019 • ✍🏼 Personal Growth, Positive Psychology & Lifelong Learning• IG: sanjeevai • List: