4 Effective Steps to Reduce the Friction Between Thinking About Workouts and Ultimately Powering Through

Your body is your temple. Workout is a ritual. That makes fitness a religion, and the prayers are your, “Ooh-aah, let the music play!”

Non-Sponsored Transformation. Source: Sanjeev Yadav Instagram

I got the idea to write on this topic when my fitness trainer joked, “Gimme some motivation. You nail strength training and running daily!”

I’ve seen my flatmates start a workout and not sticking with the routine long enough.

The problem is the underlying myth of waiting for motivation.

The reality is:

Action generates motivation. The converse is hocus.

I don’t wait for motivation or inspiration to burn calories. I have a ritual of setting myself in the right mental state to indulge in physical exercise.

Here are four ways to prime your soul to reduce the gap between thinking about workouts and finally getting some skin in the fitness game.

I’ve been practising it for the last two years, and I love my life for it. My non-sponsored transformation is in the cover photo above.

#1. Consistency is vital in the starting.

Doing an activity at the same time every day regulates your body clock to work for you.

Circadian rhythm is a powerful asset that you can exploit for free.

For example, if you work out at 8 pm every day, create a buffer around 8 pm to give you enough time to gear up in the beast mode. It can be any activity like a workout song or a pre-workout meal.

The more you train your brain, the more powerful it becomes to prime you to workout when 8 pm is near.

“Repetition is the mother of all habits.”

#2. Reward yourself for healthy motivation.

What will motivate you to come back to your workout? The feeling of achievement from the exercise.

The visible benefits don’t show in a day, week or even month — even I took 100 days. But the short-term rewards fire your muscles for action.

Include treats like a workout playlist, healthy and delicious pre-workout and post-workout meals.

I even got saliva in my mouth as I thought of sweet bananas. Do you have one nearby? Have one in my name!

#3. Don’t judge quickly, or you’ll fall headfirst.

Progress is the most potent motivation you’ll ever see.

If you’re a lone ranger and prefer grinding at your custom pace, keep in mind that no one will congratulate you in the starting because you’re escaping people’s eyes.

To make sure you still see the progress, develop a tracking method like:

1. Ticking the calendar before you go to bed,

2. Taking a shirtless selfie every day, or

3. Sharing your happiness with a workout buddy after your session if you don’t prefer social media.

Whatever develops trust in the process, move heaven and earth to do it. Your persistence will attract your goals towards you.

#4. Get the right workout gear.

The last hurdle we need in a workout is our body working against us. Isn’t controlling our inner critic a lifelong challenge already?

When you work out in casual wear, sweat absorbs and becomes heavy. What you need is a sweat-wicking fabric.

Putting on the correct workout gear ensures you feel the fabric’s weightlessness, the cooling effect from sweat-wicking tech and a sexy look — especially if you’re working out on a camera with your trainer. Or friend. Or crush. Or long-distance partner.

Final words

My activewear is more extensive than the casual and formal wardrobe combined. It is the case of every fitness freak whose job is remote and can’t survive without burning a reasonable amount of calories before hitting the bed ( for sleep! ).

My rookie days of fitness were so hard that practising all the above four methods required patience and trust in my process.

I searched heavily about fitness advice backed by science on YouTube, Healthline blog and professional athletes online.

When you perceive workouts as a ritual instead of routine, fitness becomes a mindset, which then spread to all aspects of your life.

Energy is the currency of life.

Working on your health is not uni-directional. When you work out regularly, you eventually stop junk food because you’re not burning calories to get candy from any junk-examiner. You’re doing it for self-care.

I haven’t taken a single carbonated drink in the last two years.

It all happened because I made my workouts regular ( especially in the starting ), rewarding and developed accountability by tracking my progress with a calendar.

When the gyms shut down in lockdown in March 2020, I hired a personal trainer for professional guidance. Call me lucky, but the timing couldn’t be any better!

Suppose you also see workouts necessary to keep your body at optimum energy levels because it’s your duty. In that case, you’ll start executing your customised fitness plan. And before you know, you’ll bid goodbye to your past lazy personality.

You can even summarise this article by connecting it to Newton’s First Law of Motion in classical Physics:

“Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.”

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Sanjeev is a writer, mentor and recovering shopaholic. He writes about emotional intelligence, productivity, relationships, and practical psychology for everyday life. When he is not busy with his muse, he is sweating either in a workout or playing badminton. He also chronicles his writing journey on Instagram.




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