4 Powerful Ways Reading Corrects Your Mistakes Without Experiencing Them

The simplest way to purify your thought process is by challenging it to death.

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I became an avid reader in June 2019, when I finished college and started consuming self-help porn.

While hit-n-trial is the practical way to learn from your mistakes, what if your mistakes aren’t unique in the first place?

What if someone is way ahead in a journey similar to you and wants to help you from their experience? That’s why excellent writing with a generous attitude helps you, the reader.

Here are four ways reading has transformed my life by helping me take calculated risks. If the stakes are high in your endeavour, learn from other peoples’ mistakes by reading because it’s better to learn some lessons without experiencing them.

#1. Reading challenges your thinking while purifying it in the process.

Atomic Habits by James Clear is hard-to-read. You know why? Because it is full of practical advice backed by science and the author’s experience.

The feature of any practical advice is it pushes you out of your comfort zone to test the process to trust it.

Unlearning is a challenging task because it means letting go of old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore. Who says the transformation will be overnight? Let yourself grow slowly. Direction is more important than speed.

#2. Reading makes you adaptable in advance.

Life throws all sorts of surprises.

Some can make you an inspiration. Some can create a hole in your soul.

What matters is taking an observer stance and looking at every experience from an objective angle.

Objective eyes give us clarity to learn from every experience. That’s what reading does. Looking at the author’s journey from the sideline helps us leverage objectivity so that our biases don’t dictate our major life decisions.

#3. Reading improves self-confidence by building trust.

Helping with experience builds trust in ways nothing can.

If a person is sharing his life secrets to help you recover from a valley, please know that he is acting out of sheer altruism.

The deeper you go into reading without distraction, the more confidence you develop in a concept because:

“An unbiased opinion backed by proof is advice”.

#4. Reading shows the ultimate power of imagination.

Imagination is thinking to death to visualise your desired change in life.

Reading takes you in a new world inside of you where you’re learning at a breath-taking momentum.

The speed at which you apply the learnings depends on how many alternatives scenarios you can imagine and then extrapolate the process to see the results.

Final words

I’m bad at advising because when people are impatient, you feel like talking to a corpse.

Recently, a friend asked me for advice on relationships. Although I ain’t a love guru, I’m way better at connecting with people than I was in college five years ago. So, I gave him advice from my experience.

That’s because he wasn’t willing to read on his own. Don’t be like him.

Read to expand your knowledge base. Learn to correct your process ahead of time. Then share your learnings to help the people around you. Humanity thrives on gratitude.

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Sanjeev is a writer, mentor and recovering shopaholic. He writes about emotional intelligence, productivity, relationships, and practical psychology for everyday life. When he is not busy with his muse, he is sweating either in a workout or playing badminton. He also chronicles his writing and fitness journey on Instagram.



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Sanjeev Yadav

Sanjeev Yadav

Writer • Mentor • Recovering Shopaholic • IITR 2019 • ✍🏼 Personal Growth, Positive Psychology & Lifelong Learning• IG: sanjeevai • List: