4 Unexpected Motivation Pointers From a Heavy Road Traffic

Direction, speed and brakes.

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

After returning from a long break, we lose the momentum to return to our desired activity. It happens with artists, workouts or even talking to a friend after a long time.

My case is about running out of writing ideas. So, I did what all great thinkers do. Take a walk.

You will be surprised at how many weird motivations I found by walking in an atypical environment — it was a footpath with heavy traffic [ on the road ].

Here are four pointers I was able to jot down.

#1. The brakes help see the purpose.

Life is not a straight line. It means we cannot know what circumstances will throw us out of track.

Our petty excuses can even keep us from putting in the right amount of work.

Brakes are important because they help you see the purpose in your journey. They allow you to stop for a moment for quality assessment.

#2. People are your motivation.

Remember when we were kids, and even though we were on a bicycle, we were hellbent on racing with a motorcycle.

I have done it. I have even won sometimes when the second person is in his zone and has no idea I am getting competitive.

Competing with people to improve your skills is more rewarding than when we are hellbent on winning. The latter is what I used to do as a kid. The former is what I focus on now because however close you are to someone, every person’s journey and experiences are different.

#3. Get some urgency to beat time.

The most important lesson I learned is about the second-largest noise source in the traffic. It’s about people fighting with each other in heavy traffic when one tries to navigate like a snake and accidentally hits someone.

Long waits in traffic are unpredictable. So, if we want to reach our destination on time, we better start early.

Starting a little early is about hedging the delay from uncontrollable factors.

#4. Life goes on.

I wasn’t listening to music on my return journey. One hidden observation I found is that no matter how fast I was walking or how much dust was surrounding me, the riders' speed didn’t change.

It means no matter what is going around in anyone’s life, stay focused on what you want to achieve.

Distractions are all around us, but reminding ourselves about the long term results helps us stay focused.

Final words

I haven't mentioned one more lesson because it is so common that it doesn't need saying. It is about the importance of direction over speed.

As long as we are moving in the right direction, we will be motivated to make progress. Speed is a metric that can be unquantifiable many times.

If I had stayed longer, I would have observed more points. But since these four were enough to overload my short-term memory, I noted them on my phone and returned home to share them with you.

Here is a recap if you’re a fan of listicles:

  1. Brakes help validate the purpose.
  2. Use your people as motivation.
  3. Get some urgency if you want to beat time.
  4. Life goes on even when you’re distracted.

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Sanjeev is a writer, mentor, and FPS gamer from India. He writes about lifelong learning, personal growth, and positive psychology. When he’s not busy with his muse, he’s sweating either in a workout or PC gaming. You can also find him on Twitter.



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