8 Places to Watch Out for Ideas as a Content Creator

Ideas are all around us. All we need to do is to open our eyes, ears, and minds, and we will find them.

Emmanuel A. Anderson
Apr 4 · 5 min read

Being a content creator comes with a lot, especially with coming up with ideas. It involves a lot of thinking to draft an absolute message to meet your audience’s needs. Something that, failing to do right, you’re bound to disappoint your audience and ruin your reputation.

So, the moment you decide to be a content creator, prepare to allow your mind to travel to places that being an ordinary person, you wouldn’t. You must become a thinker if, naturally, you aren’t that type of person and be willing to contemplate a wide range of issues in order to come with information to satisfy your audience.

But to make it possible, does that always involve deliberate thinking? No! At times, it’s all about opening yourself up to the universal intelligence, and with no clue, ideas come to you.

With that said, here are eight places to watch out for ideas;

The bathroom

This is the most commonplace that everyone knows with inspiration. It’s one of the best places to watch out for ideas because often, when we get to the shower to clean ourselves, not only do our bodies clean but our minds and souls. The water that touches our bodies brings serenity in and around us. It calms our sympathetic nervous system and activates our parasympathetic nervous system and put us in relaxed position. This makes the mind travel to places that generally won’t when it’s tired, connecting itself to the universal intelligence. It’s the primary reason the bathroom is one of the best places for ideas, and you must watch out when you are there.

A walk in the park or the woods

Many studies explain ideas reaching us from parks or the woods, taking a walk there. The park or the woods is fresh air from nature. You can hear the birds chirping, which naturally calms the brain and puts you in a relaxed position. The brain’s part, which handles emotions — the amygdala is always calmed, activating the creative centers, making ideas and thoughts reach us quickly. At these places, your mind is at its sharpest because of the mode it’s in, and hunches, as Napoleon Hill puts it in his classic, hits us.

The beach or the riverside

When it comes to the beach or the riverside, it’s no surprise that therapists, especially hypnotherapists, use sound waves of the sea or rivers and even rainfall to help their clients deal with their mental stress. It’s because finding yourself at places like these, naturally, the brain becomes calm, and it’s good, especially when dealing with psychological stress. As a creative person, if there’s any place to get inspired and get new ideas, it’s the beach or the riverside. The sound wave from the ocean or the running water from the river calms your brain, making way for creativity because the brain’s creative centers are active at this point.

At night in bed feeling sleepless

This is one of my favorite places to be inspired. At night in bed feeling sleepless because I’m not tired, or my brain isn’t off, ideas come hitting me in the head like a time bomb. In bed at night sleepless, I must be honest, my brain travels far away visiting issues and stuff that I may know or not know. I get inspired, and new ideas flow to me. It’s one place I like to be for ideas generation and planning, and you don’t want to underestimate it. It’s a great place to be, surely.

Watching a movie

I cannot remember the number of times ideas have reached me watching a movie because of the storyline. But trust me, this place is also good for inspiration. The idea of watching a movie gets you inspired. New ideas come to you because of the storyline. I believe I’m not the only one with such an experience. There are others, and they’ll testify to it, too. Watch out for the “boys” coming to you when you find yourself at this place.

Listening to audio tapes

Ideas from audiotapes are next to movies. I have written dozens of articles and have gotten plans to deal with things in my life, from listening to Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, etc. And it’s because most of the things these people talk about are real-life experiences, and listening to them, you’re likely to be inspired and come up with ideas for something you would like to do. It’s a substantial source of ideas generation for creatives. You want to take it seriously.

Reading a book

Books, as they say, are thoughts people have put on paper. Whenever you’re reading a book, you’re likely to be inspired. With reading, you get additional information on things and how to go about them. You broaden your horizon because of your thinking on the information and the theories you draw from it. This opens and expands your mind to get the bigger picture of things. New ideas come to you. Only God knows the number of articles I’ve written and the ideas for things I’ve come up with because of the books I’ve read. Example are these articles that I wrote from reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers; Success Is 50% Merit and 50% Luck — Don’t Get It Twisted, Don’t Wait for Opportunity — Work Hard to Achieve What You Want. There are many others that I’ve written but can’t recall, all from reading books.

“You can’t be a good writer without being a devoted reader.” — J. K. Rowling

On a public transport

The Gossip, the chat from people on public transports that we may find as noise, is a significant source of ideas. The everyday people you board vehicles with that, you tag them as talkative, trust me, aren’t merely garrulous but people who talk and share their opinions on genuine issues affecting society. It happens by the news they watch and what they hear on the radio that you, the creative, don’t give your ears. Public transport is where they find it interesting to share their opinions. In it, they meet their friends and relations, and it’s the right place to discuss these issues. You can get a lot from these people if you give them your ears.

How to get the best out of these places whenever you find yourself there

“Ideas are all around us. All we need to do is to open our eyes, ears, and minds, and we will find them.”

Simple. Open up your eyes, ears, and mind. As discussed above, these are places when you find yourself, ideas come to you. It would help if you always had your tools — A notebook, iPad, phones, pen, pencil, and everything you use to gather information around you. I know you can say it’s not possible to carry such tools with you in the bathhouse. And my answer is simple; Do your best to hold on to the pictures when they appear to you and quickly grab them when you’re out.

You’re likely to come up with tons of ideas and information for your works, save yourself the critical thinking you have to do each time you sit to create going about things this way. Take these eight places seriously, and you’ll never be short of ideas. Keep creating.


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