Beauty Under a Beast

Low season storms

Photo: James G. Brennan.

Tie-down the netting tight.
Tie up the tarpaulin right.
When this beauty hits us, darling,
It will knock us for an almighty six.

Our low season, on Ko (island) Lanta, south West Thailand on the Andaman sea, starts from around 20th May until about the 20th October when the winds change from east to west bringing the tail end of the Indian Nepal monsoon weather.

We get wonderful dramatic electric storm skies day and night, very exciting. As you can see from the photo above, the sea is aqua green and fairly calm, very beautiful, while the sky is a looming beast above her.

Join in the Twittle, and get on the Twittle train! A 100 letter rhyming poem invented by our very own Carolyn Hastings, which I always fail to do! I write eclectic free verse Twittles; occasionally. Here’s Carolyn’s invite to join the Twittle train.

Thank you as always, Dr Mehmet Yildiz & the ILLUMINATION-Curated team for giving my words a platform. 🙏✨ Thank you all for reading and your precious time. Always. J. 🙏✨



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James G Brennan

Writes free to read eclectic free verse poetry. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.