Inspiration: Black History Month Vol. 10

A True Story: “ Blackness”

About racism and NOT thinking about ‘Blackness’

Photo by Cat Han on Unsplash


My husband is white.

One night, my husband had gotten beaten up by a group of about 20 black men until he was black and blue. They were beating up about 4–5 white men that night.

People who saw him the next day were shocked by how messed up he looked; swollen, bloody, and broken.

Was this a racially motivated crime?

Yes, but when they asked, “OMG what the hell happened to you?!”

My husband made it a point not to mention their race or their “blackness.”

He said: “ A bunch of guys beat me up”

Every…. single…. time, it was only the black people who asked:

“Were they black?”

I wonder why that is.

White people never asked him that question of race …they were more like, “O.M.G, that’s terrible!” but…they didn’t talk about race.

It was the Black people who thought of their “blackness”


Someone from my” What’s a Black Problem Anyway?” asked me to explain further what I meant by this:

“Hmm… I think my cousin meant that I’ve transcended my ‘blackness’ and white people are my equal. So, I’ll take it as a compliment.”

The context of that quote came from this:

When my cousin said I don’t have ‘black” problems, She meant I don’t think about my race. And she’s right,

I believe the content of your character is wayyyy more important than the color of your skin.

This is how I transcend my “blackness” as mentioned in the above quote. When you don’t see the race you transcend the color of your skin.

Equality to any race is a given!

Even though my white husband got beat up by a group of black men…he doesn’t see himself as a victim.

Or better said; He didn’t identify with being a victim.

Being a victim and identifying with being a victim are 2 different things.



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